Types of Body Massager Machines Available in India

Body Massager machines are pretty popular in India. 8 to 10 different kinds of machines are available. In this article, we try to explain all of them and for what problems are they best suited.

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India as a society has been somewhat aware of the benefits of massage for a long time. Kerala Ayurveda practices have a legacy of massage. Most of us go to our barbers and get a good head beating which we call “Champi”. With Indian travellers exploring the south-east, the Thai massage has also become a household name (maybe for wrong reasons sometimes).

With more and more urban Indians in office jobs, sitting 8 hours in front of a laptop, the aches and pains have increased. Visiting a spa is an expensive affair. So, a lot of people are buying electric body massager machine. There are many different types available and this article aims to lay out all the options for you.

Handheld Body Massager

This seems to be the most popular body massager machine. It is basically a vibration and rotating motor placed on a handle like body so that you can hold it to various parts of your body.

handheld massager big
  • It usually comes in 2 sizes, large and small. The larger handle helps to reach the distant parts of your back which usually needs the massage more. The small massager may not cover your back fully. The larger one is usually just a few hundred rupees more, I recommend it.
  • Different massage heads are available with these body massager machines (4 to 5). These heads help in different kind of massages like deep tissue, soft massage, dead skin removal etc.
  • They also come with a speed regulator of different power modes which help you control how severe you want to go with your massage.
  • The cord length is an important factor to choose one of these. Your experience may not be great if you don’t have a plug point near your couch or bed.
  • The weight of these body massager machines is also a consideration. The usually weigh 800g to 1kg, which is okay. But any heavier than that could be a problem. You do not want your hand aching after 15 minutes of back massage

Overall, these are the most versatile body massagers out there. Multiple people in the house can use it. You can use it on various points on your body – back, arms, thighs, calf, foot. And, its not very expensive. These are the best options for general massagers.

Mini Handheld Massager

If you ask me, these are a waste! But, since a lot of these are available and sold, I must cover it. As you can see, these are three legs and a head. The vibration is delivered from the legs which you need to press down on your body. The power of the massage that you get will depend on how hard you can push the massager machine against your body. Since it is small, you may not be able to reach your back with it.

mini massager

They are mostly battery powered which in my view is the big disadvantage. Some of them also come with a mini-USB charger. Battery is not a great way to power a mechanical device which works on vibration. Delivering enough vibration to soothe your upper back or thighs require power and a battery is either going to drain out very fast or the vibration will not be strong enough.

This device might be useful for frequent travellers who take long flights and want to relax themselves. The compactness of the device and the battery become and advantage in this case. But, if you are buying it for home use, I would not recommend.

Handheld Roller Massager

massager roller

As you can see, these massager machines are different. They have a hand strap to grasp the massager and then the actual massage is delivered by three vertical rollers with silicon teeth.

No Slimming, but a Strong Massage
These are sold as “slimming massagers”. Do not fall for that claim. Massage cannot help you lose weight on its own. It may help you with a temporary cellulite fix, but will not cause a weight loss for sure. But, the reason I like these roller body massager machines is that they can deliver a strong massage if you like one. The very design with vertical rollers and teeth helps with a strong massage on tough parts of your body like thighs.

I only recommend this if you are a seasoned massage receiver and can handle a tough massage.

Vibration Massager for Sexual Pleasure

Well, this is interesting. There are many massagers available in the Indian market which are shaped like the penis. It’s not surprise really. Sometime back, the government came down hard on ecommerce sites for selling sexual wellness products. The regulation around this is unclear, so the market comes up with clandestine ways of selling vibrators.

vibration massager for sexual pleasure

Here are some of its features that makes these products perfect for female sexual pleasure.

  • Water Resistant – The key feature that makes it a sexual pleasure device is this. There is going to be water spillage if you use it there. Anywhere else on the body, there is not threat of water spillage
  • Shaped like a Penis – There has to be some visual suggestion of a penis for the ladies to get in the mood. And yes, the shape helps it in reaching the right places.
  • Cordless Operation & Rechargeable – These massagers come with a small 500 mAH battery which can run for about an hour. They can be recharged via USB and then used wireless. Nobody wants to get tangled in wires during their sexy time.
  • Portable Size – Although, the packaging says that these massagers can be used on your back, thighs etc. But, they are no use in those regions of your body. These devices are small, they won’t do anything for your back. But, the size makes it perfect for between-the-thigh use. Also, fits well in your handbag.
  • It’s Quiet – Manufacturers have paid special attention to make these babies quiet. If you live in matchstick homes of Bombay, you don’t want the person in the next room to wonder why your phone has been vibrating for the past 20 mins.
  • Silicone Surface – This is also a sexy give-away. The silicon surface makes the touch very skin like. It does not feel like metal meeting your skin down there.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against this product being used by the ladies for sexual pleasure. I am all for it and encourage it. Our government and society will take its own time to get around to the female sexual independence. Till then, this is a good idea.

Foot massagers are pretty popular in India. The urban folk are not very used to walking, so they do get some foot pain when they have to. The weight around the belly also makes it worse.

Types of Foot Massagers

  • Foot Only
    These are massagers which just cover your foot portion. They have a foot rest like shape and enclosures where you put your feet and enter heaven. They are the cheapest foot massagers out there.
  • Foot & Calf
    These are slightly bigger massagers. They cover your foot, but the enclosure extends to your calves, almost half way to your knees. You get a relaxing massage on your lower body. Good mid-range foot massager.

  • Foot Calf, Knee and Thigh
    These go a step further and cover your knees also in the massager enclosure. The upper enclosure is movable so you can turn it to your knee or even your thighs. If you really want to spoil yourselves, get this one.
    foot calf knee thigh massager
  • Foot Pads with Heat
    These look exactly like an open foot rest, with no enclosure. You have to keep your feet on them and they kneed the bottom of your feet. These also come with heat therapy. The cost is usually comparable to foot-only, but heat is the only clincher.
    foot pad massager with heat

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Massager Cushions

Massager Cushions are pillow shaped massagers which you can keep behind your upper or lower back and get some relief. You can even keep this under your thighs when you are sitting on a chair. It’s pretty multi-purpose since its a small thing. Also, massager cushions are inexpensive – you can get a good one for Rs. 1.5K to 3K.

cushion massager

Here are some things to look out for while buying a cushion massager in India

  • Car Charging Adaptor – Make sure that the one you buy comes with a car charging adaptor. This massager is good to use in the car if your commute is long. It will be a shame if you don’t have a charging adaptor that works in the car.
  • Heat Function – Since the massager is pretty light, it will move around. The strength of massage may not be as good as say a massage chair (but for 2K, what do you expect). Hence, having the heat function is a must for good relaxation.
  • Removable Washable Cover – It’s a small massager. It will get moved around and will get dirty. Its great to have a removable, washable cover.

Car Seat Massager

The car seat massager (or you can use it outside the car also) is another great inexpensive massager machine. Now, when I say inexpensive, you have to compare it to a full massage chair that costs upwards of a lakh. It looks like a mat or pad that you can put on top of your car seat, sit on it and enjoy some massage.

car seat massager back only
Back only massager
Car seat massager with back and thigh
Back & Thigh Massager

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The options available are massagers with back cushion only and massagers with back and thigh cushions. If you have sciatica pain that radiates from your back to one leg, you might want to buy the latter. Again, you should get one that can work in the car.

Neck & Shoulder Massager with Sling

This massager machine is for you if you are suffering from cervical problems. It has a sling that goes around your neck and the ends of the bands can be held by your hands to increase or decrease pressure. This design makes this thing good for neck and shoulder massages, but could be used in many other parts of the body.

neck and shoulder massager with sling

Quick buying pointers

  • Car Charger – Buy one with a car charged so that you can chill while your driver or your husband is driving you around.
  • Heat Function – Some of them come with heat function which is a great addition since the massage pressure might not be fully effective.

Pulse Nerve Stimulation Massager or TENS Unit

Warning: The TENS unit delivers mild electric pulses. It is NOT recommended for home use without a physio’s help. Especially, NOT to be used on…
– Pregnant Women
– People with Epilepsy
– Hearth Patients
– People with a pacemaker or another type of electrical or metal implant.

Sorry, for the slightly jarring warning, but it had to be done. TENS unit stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which work by delivering small electrical pulses through electrodes directly into your skin. This floods the nervous system and reduces its ability to transmit pain signals to the spine and brain. These pulses also triggers the body’s pain relievers called endorphins. Hence, they are pretty effective with acute pain. But, if put on the wrong places, could also be damaging.

TENS Unit or Pulse Massager

The TENS unit contains a controller and 4 to 6 self sticking electrodes and a control unit. The electrodes need to be strategically placed in the region of pain and switched on. There are different intensities and frequency modes that could be used for different kinds of pain.

Face Massagers or Electric Brush

This is to make you look beautiful. Its a simple device with a motor and various heads that you can attach for various functions. The heads usually include…

  • Brushes – A gentle brush for the face and makeup removal. And a body brush for skin cleaning
  • Cosmetic Sponge for Face Massage
  • Pumice Stone head for skin exfoliation.
Face massager or Electric Brush

These machines usually take AA or AAA batteries, so they are pretty portable. Face massage to keep the face muscles supple is an advantage. But, this device really shines if you are someone who uses heavy makeup. If you do, you know that removing this makeup at night is a task. The brush is a great device to get the makeup off effectively.

We are talking about the industrial vibration machines that barbers use while giving you a “champi”. No, we are not. Why would you buy those for your home.

head massager machine

The head massager machines are small, battery operated devices which you can hold against your scalp and they deliver some gentle vibration. These are usually water resistant, so you can uses them just after a hair wash or after your oiling session. These are specially helpful if you have a headache, but be cautious – if the vibration is aggravating your headache, you may not want to use.

Will this make your hair grow? Probably not. But, might be useful for conditions like dandruff as it will stimulate your scalp and remove dead cells before the accumulate as dandruff.

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