Robotouch Foot Massager Review for India 2020

Purchasing a foot massager is not everything. You need to purchase the right foot massager to cater to your foot health. This Robotouch foot massager review India will help you purchase the best one for you. This article contains 2 of the best Robotouch foot, calf, knee, thigh massagers. You can purchase one of these depending upon your requirements and budget.

Robotouch foot massager review

Robotouch is a world-class, cutting edge lifestyle brand from Bhagyalaxmi industries. Additionally, the group is a mini conglomerate with diversified interests. This, in turn, spans the wider business spectrum. Bhagyalaxmi is an iconic name with a market standing of more than 37 years. Additionally, it is backed by forays into both B2B and B2C segments.

Robotouch plays a role in lifestyle empowerment by conceptualizing cutting edge, advanced healthcare and wellness products. That too with lifestyle solutions to add health and happiness to millions of lives. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the Robotouch foot massager review India.

Robotouch Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh Massager

  • Kneading Cover with Zip: Firstly, this massager has a creatively designed kneading cover with zip. Additionally, it combines efficiency, comfort and convenience. Thus delivering a better massage experience.
  • Wheel Powered Kneading: All thanks to the wheel powered kneading mode. This massager offers you a relaxing foot massage experience with this high impact organic combination.
  • Leg Muscle Toning: A custom-built device that tones the leg muscles. Thereby providing extended health benefits. Further, this cutting edge product affects blood circulation positively. This in turn tones the calves and surrounding areas.
  • Heat Therapy: Here is an absolutely top-class heat therapy feature. The heat through carbon fibre generates warmth. Further, this heat provides great comfort to the feet, ankles and surrounding areas.
  • 3D Massage Therapies: Treat your feet, calves, legs and knees with this foot massager. All thanks to this pain-alleviating and totally rejuvenating 3D massage therapies.
  • Built-in Airbags: Featuring an amazing set of built-in airbags. Thereby offering you an enhancing experience. These airbags deliver a direct effect to the feet, ankles, and soles due to their appropriate positioning.
Robotouch Classic foot massager India

Additional Features

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence powers this smart massager. Thereby enhancing blood circulation across the lower body.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain: Cleaning and maintaining this foot massager is hassle-free. Therefore, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Instant Relief from Aches & Pains: It delivers therapeutic effects due to its design and build. Thereby, providing instant relief from aches and pains.
  • Airbag Massage Intensity: You can select the intensity of the airbag massage either manually or automatically.
  • Ideal Knee Positioning: The 110 degrees turning radius for an up and down section for ideal knee positioning and a great experience.
  • Auto Shut Off: If you leave the foot massager ideal for more than 15 minutes. Then it goes off automatically. All thanks to the auto shut off feature.
    • Similarly, if you’re using the massager on yourself and you’ve not kept track of time. Then for safety reasons the massager goes off in 15 minutes.
  • Price: Robotouch foot, calf, knee, thigh massager is available approximately for Rs. 23,500.

Robotouch Ortholite Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh Massager

Robotouch Ortholite is a creatively designed foot, calf, knee and thigh massager. What makes this foot massager special and stand out are the amazing foot rollers.

  • Magic Combo: An inbuilt high power combination of kneading and rolling offers an ultimate massage experience. This magic combo, in turn, provides relief from pain and stress.
  • Improves Blood Circulation: This leg massage gadget is custom-built. Thereby toning the muscles for extended health benefits.
    • This cutting edge product improves the blood circulation and tones the legs, calves and surrounding areas.
  • Built-in Airbags: This set of built-in airbags delivers a high power massage experience. Additionally, these built-in airbags deliver direct effect to the feet, ankles and soles. It serves you well due to its appropriate positioning.
  • Adjustable Multi-Angle Massage: In order to achieve the best results, the angle is adjustable. That’s between 0 and 90 degrees.
  • Manual Flip Support Angle: All thanks to the manual flip support angle of 20 degrees. The bottom of the massager lifts up to facilitate the massage of the knee.
  • Heat Therapy: Now you can enjoy instant warming effect. The auto carbon fibre delivers it and generates it.

Additional Features of Robotouch Ortholite Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh Massager

  • Active Rollers: A set of 3 built-in active rollers that powers and delivers this wonderful massage.
  • Special Features: This massager offers you 3 intensity adjustments. Additionally, it offers 5 kinds of programs and 17 different massage combinations.
  • Professional Device for Pain Relief: It massages your thigh, calf, foot, knee and ankle. And makes it hassle-free for you. Besides this, you can use it at any time of the day.
  • Massage Chair Air Pressure Technology: This technology offers softness, strength, and a stereoscopic feeling.
  • Aesthetics: It has a double cut design with a cut over function on top. Besides this, it features a novel and stylish look.
  • Sole Roller: The sole roller offers an in-depth stimulation of acupuncture points. It massages all the acupressure points of the soles of your feet.
  • Removable and Washable Kneading Cloth: It has a zip which you can easily open. Additionally, the fabric is of very good quality. Thus, the kneading cloth is easy to remove and wash.
  • Safety Measure: If the device runs out of power for any reason. Then you don’t have to worry as it can be automatically deflated.
  • Price: Robotouch Ortholite foot, calf, knee, thigh massager is available approximately for Rs. 31,000.

Robotouch At Its Best

Here I conclude this Robotouch foot massager review India. I hope you found this review article useful. Keep in mind that a foot massager not only benefits your feet. It benefits your whole body by stimulating the acupressure points. The benefits are endless. Also, before you make your purchase, consider the number of people that will be using it. If your family members will be using it too, then it’s better to purchase one with better features.

Robotouch foot massager review India

Besides this, never compromise on quality. A good quality foot massager with maximum features will serve you in the long run. You may also read the best foot massager in India for additional information on foot massagers. This article contains everything that you need to know about foot massagers. And a perfect guide to making your purchasing easy.

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