8 Precautions while using Electric Massagers

Electric massagers are as effective as they are. Additionally, they are extremely easy to use. The best part about purchasing an electric massager is that you can use it at your convenience at home. You don’t have to plan your schedule or fix an appointment with the masseur or therapist. But, there are certain precautions while using electric massagers. And you need to keep this in mind while using one. Before we dive into the electric massager precautions. I shall talk about some benefits of using electric massagers.

electric massager precautions

Benefits of Using an Electric Massager

  1. Firstly, they help you to avoid trips to the salon or physiotherapy centre. Thus saving you time as well as costs.
  2. Secondly, electric massagers relax and decontract the muscles. Also, they help in relieving chronic pain and reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, they combat the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women. And they also facilitate sleep.
  3. Thirdly, you don’t need another person to do the massage for you. With an electric massager, you can self-massage yourself with an electric massager.
  4. Additionally, you can avail a deep quality massage while sitting at home. Electric massagers nowadays are equipped with Shiatsu, kneading, rolling and many more massage nodes.
  5. Further, you can use an electric massager while listening to music, watching TV. Or, browsing through social media.
  6. Moreover, electric massagers are lightweight and portable. Hence, you can use it and avail its benefits while travelling or on a holiday.
benefits of electric massager

Now that you’ve read the benefits of electric massagers. It’s time to discuss the electric massager precautions. Just like any other electric appliance, even an electric massager has certain rules, regulations and precautions that you need to follow. I have penned down all the electric massager precautions below.

Electric Massager Precautions

Don’t Use on Swelling

Don’t use an electric massager on areas that have swelling. As a matter of fact, swelling occurs whenever the organs, skin or other parts of the body enlarge. Swelling can be due to inflammation, a build-up of fluid such as water retention. As well as illnesses or injuries. However, the cause of swelling isn’t always an underlying disease. For example, prolonged standing or sitting and muscle injury can also cause swelling. Another reason could be an insect bite. Besides this, eating large amounts of salt can also result in swelling. Hence, until you know the exact reason behind your swelling. You can’t take the risk of using an electric massager.

Never Use on Physical Injury

If there is a physical injury present in your body and pressing it causes sharp pain. Then you should not use an electric massager. So, even if there’s no wound, don’t make a mistake by using an electric massager. This is because it may worsen your condition. Some of the physical injuries include fractures, sprains, knee injuries, and swollen muscles.

Additionally, dislocations, achilles tendon rupture, and strains are some more physical injuries. Further, if there’s a laceration or a clot then it could worsen the situation. Hence, you should wait until you’re healed completely of the physical injury. And then you can start using the electric massager on yourself.

Be Careful with Heating Massagers

If the electric massager feels too hot, then you should switch it off instantly. But, if you’re comfortable using the heating function then you can go ahead and use it. However, you should see to it that the temperature set is not too high. Therefore, adjust the temperature until you’re comfortable enough. If you don’t do so then you might end up with burns, itching, rashes and skin irritation. In case you’re noticing a sudden change on your skin. Then you need to stop using the heating function on this device.

Vibrations near Neck and Head Region

It is safe to use an electric massager on the neck and head region. But, if vibrations from this electric massager are making you feel dizzy. Then don’t use it. You should use the vibration massage mode only if it suits you and gives you relief. On the contrary, if the vibrations are making you feel uncomfortable or sick. Then it’s a sign that you should stop using it.

Massagers and Diabetes Patients with Neuropathy

People suffering from diabetes are more likely to have foot problems. And especially if they don’t take proper care of their feet. Then it gets worse for them. Fortunately, most of the foot issues and complications can be avoided with proper foot care. Above all, a foot massage excels in healing foot problems. Therefore, the best foot massager in India will improve blood circulation in your feet. Additionally, it will reduce numbness and other severe complications.

Diabetes patients and those with Neuropathy shouldn’t use the heating function of massagers. They should also avoid the vibration massage mode to be on the safer side. Besides this, it is crucial to avoid massaging the area where Diabetics inject their insulin. Pressure in that particular area may influence the way in which their body absorbs the insulin. Thereby, resulting in an alteration in their intake.

Electric Massage Precautions for Neuropathy

Diabetes patients who suffer from Neuropathy should avoid heating functions while using an electric massager. This is due to the nerve damage that is associated with Neuropathy. Therefore, those with Neuropathy might find it difficult to determine the massage intensity or heat levels. They may not realise the sensation and the heat from the electric massager. Due to which they may go on increasing the temperature. Thereby, resulting in bruising, burns or overheated skin.

Therefore, people suffering from Neuropathy should consult a professional. This will guide them if the massage techniques or heating levels are ideal. That too if it’s ideal for a person of their body type and sensitivity levels.

electric massager precautions India

Keep Away from Water – Shock Hazard

Like most of the electrical appliances, you’re not supposed to use an electric massager if there’s water around. Some examples could be a bathroom and swimming pool. Using it in the presence of water could result in a shock hazard. A shock hazard as we all know is the potential electric shock caused to a person. You can use the electric massager only if the term “waterproof” is mentioned.

Difference between Waterproof and Water-resistant.

Although waterproof and water-resistant sound similar, there’s a major difference between the two. So, what’s the difference between both? When a device is “waterproof” it indicates that it’s impermeable to water. This indicates that it doesn’t allow fluid/water to pass through. No matter how much time it’s exposed to it. On the other hand, when any particular device is “water-resistant”. That means it’s able to resist the penetration of water only to a certain degree. But not entirely, unlike waterproof. You should therefore NEVER use an electric massager in a bathroom or swimming pool.

Massagers and Pregnant Women

Certain electric massagers are safe for pregnant women. Provided, they use it with due care and precautions. The best thing would be to avoid using electric massagers during pregnancy. This is because any massager using heat therapy is highly dangerous for the pregnant woman. Also, pregnant women should avoid vibration massage mode.

As a matter of fact, massagers with the heating function use a high level of heat. This heat leads to a high rise in the body temperature of the pregnant woman. Thereby resulting in an increase in the heart rate of the baby. Additionally, electric massagers especially back massagers increase the chances of either miscarriage or premature labour. The electric impulses that are used in electric back massagers stimulate the uterus to contract. This uterus contraction, in turn, induces labour. Further, pregnant women should also avoid massage chairs.

Non-Electric Massagers

A better alternative would be to use a non-electric massager. So that pregnant women can use it as and when they want to as per their convenience. Thus, there’s no risk involved. Some examples of non-electric massagers would be handheld massagers and massage ball rollers. Additionally, non-electric massagers are very safe to use during pregnancy. Since there are no electric impulses or vibrations that might be dangerous for the foetus.

Electric Massager Precautions for Children

The use of massagers is not recommended for children. Especially for children under the age of 10. But, children above the age of 10 can use an electric massager strictly under the supervision of his/her parents. Or any trustworthy adult family member. Never permit your child to use the massager in your absence.

The Bottom Line

Never play around or mess with an electric massager. Besides this, use it the right way and not roughly. Ensure you keep in mind all these electric massager precautions. Also, after use, ensure the place you keep it is dry and clean. Consider reading the best back massager in India.

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