Car Massage Cushion Vs Car Seat Massager – Which to Buy?

Car massage cushion Vs car seat massager. Which is a better option? And which one to buy? Also, which is more effective? Well, the answers to all your questions are here in this article. I understand that with so many types of car massagers available nowadays. It’s difficult to make the right decision. But the fact is that both – a car massage cushion as well as a car seat massager, are equally good. We shall discuss both in detail so that you get a better idea of both. In the end, it’s about choosing one that meets your requirements. Which will be more effective for you and which is worth buying.

car massage cushion Vs car seat massager

What is a Car Massage Cushion?

A car massage cushion is one which helps improve blood circulation. Secondly, it re-oxygenates to the tensed muscles. Car massage cushions focus on the lower back. Therefore they are a great massage tool for the lower back while you drive. Additionally, they’re lightweight and can be carried around easily. Hence they are portable and ideal for people who travel a lot. Besides this, they are durable and can serve you for long years.

Car massage cushion in India

Purchasing it will enable you to use it in your car while driving or even if you’re the passenger. Moreover, you can also use a car massage cushion at home. It possesses massage rollers equipped with a massage head. This massage head, in turn, rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise. Hence, a car massage cushion is of great help to people suffering from lower back pain.

Car massage cushions are of 2 types. Electric car massage cushions and non-electric car massage cushions. The best electric car massage cushion in India is the Tiles Palace car massage pillow. A non-electric variant of the same is Grin Health Massage Seat Cushion.

Car Seat Cushion

A car seat cushion as the name suggests is a cushion to be placed on the car seat. It’s beneficial to all those who drive long distances often or those driving on rough Indian roads daily. Especially those bumpy potholes filled roads. It relieves you from lower back pain. Additionally, it relieves you from Sciatica too. However, the passengers are also benefitted from a car seat cushion if they use one while commuting. Moreover, a car seat cushion helps you in maintaining/improving a good posture. In other words, it contributes to posture correction and spine alignment.

A U-shaped cushion for Sciatica pain is the FOVERA car seat cushion. This is the best car seat cushion available in India since it’s ergonomically designed. Its U-shape cutout is the main feature along with being washable.
You may also check HASTHIP car seat cushion for lower back support. It’s beneficial for lower back pain and provides you with a comfortable driving experience. Another one available is the RONADO car seat cushion. This cushion is made of eco-friendly silicone gel. It’s portable and easy to wash.

What is a Car Seat Massager

Besides providing relief from lower back pain, a car seat massager helps you relieve upper back pain too. It also provides relief from shoulder and neck pain. Its large size ensures that it doesn’t slip out of place. Thus, it remains fixed once fitted to the car seat. Furthermore, it contains massage rollers, nodes and motors. It promotes blood flow and lowers your stress level. Moreover, it leads to a truly comforting and relaxing experience. Thus, offering you relief after a long day at work or long-distance driving.

Grin Health car seat massager

The most common features in a car seat massager are soothing heat therapy and vibration seat massage. It is always better to purchase a car seat massager with the heat function. This is because it provides warmth in order to relieve the muscle pain across your entire back and shoulders. Also, the other important thing is that it simultaneously improves blood circulation and soothes fatigue.

The best car seat massagers in India recommended purchasing are Grin Health full-back Shiatsu seat massager and JSB kneading massager for full back, neck, and shoulder.

Which One Should You Buy?

Coming to the most important question. Which one should you buy? A car massage cushion or a car seat massager? Well, this depends on your requirements. I have done in-depth research and penned down the answers to your questions.

If you drive long distances often or every day. For example, if you drive to your workplace that’s a bit far in distance. Then consider purchasing a car seat massager. Also, if you drive on rough Indian roads or I would say “pothole-filled roads”. Then you’re more prone to back pain. A car seat massager will provide you comfort from those long bumpy drives. Also, if you suffer from back pain almost every day then a car seat massager is a must.

if you drive long distances often or everyday then purchase a car seat massager

Additionally, neck pain and shoulder pain are more on the rise due to these issues. Also, spine problems and muscle tension add to these issues. What about the traffic every now and then on Indian roads? Can we skip that? NO, unfortunately, we can’t. Uncomfortable car seats also contribute to uneasy and sad drives. We can’t stop driving. Neither can we keep purchase new cars. So the best solution is to purchase a car seat massager.

On the other hand, if you don’t drive that often. Or, if you drive very short distances. Then consider purchasing a car massage cushion so that you can use it at home too. A car massage cushion is lighter and easier to carry. Thus making it suitable for those who travel often since they are portable. You can also use it at home at your convenience. Moving it from one place to another is also easy.

If you drive short distances or if you don't drive everyday then purchase a car massage cushion

Say Bye to Achy Drives

So, now that you’ve made it to the end of this article. I’m sure you have a clear picture of both the categories. When someone asks you which one is better. Car massage cushion Vs car seat massager? Tell them that both are beneficial in their own way. It’s about choosing the one that fits your requirements and daily routine. Hence, before you make your purchase, ensure you read through this entire article properly.

If you drive often then a car seat massager is a must. But, if you don’t drive often or if you don’t drive long distances. Then purchase a car massage cushion. Also, ensure you don’t compromise on the quality while making your purchase. Don’t get too skimpy on the cost. A low-quality car seat massager or car massage cushion will do you no good.

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