Best Pulse Oximeter in India – Covid Quick Detect [2020]

The best pulse oximeter in India can be a useful product for you. And brands like Contec Medical Systems, MEDITIVE, Choicemmed and others will prove that to you. We’ve taken the hard work out of your research by doing 80+ hours of research for you. A pulse oximeter is a need since you can keep you and your loved ones safe from any impending diseases. Such as any heart-related problems or even pulmonary problem.

Best Pulse Oximeter in India – Quick List

Pulse OximeterScreen TypeDimensionsCheck Price
Contec Medical SystemsLED5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 cmPrice on
MEDITIVEOLEDNot SpecifiedPrice on
Let’s CareOLED6 x 3 x 3 cmPrice on
ChoicemmedOLED32 x 37 x 58 mmPrice on

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What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a device which can constantly monitor the level of oxygen carried around in your body. This lightweight device is a completely harmless method for you to get tested. You would only have to clip the best pulse oximeter in India to your hand and get the reading as instantly as possible. Despite testing for blood oxygen levels (SpO2) it also gives you your pulse rate.

The working of this device is such that it evaluates the arterial blood present in your finger. Arterial blood because the arteries are the carriers of oxygenated blood directly from the heart, supplying to the rest of your body. Making this the most fresh and effective way to be tested. Therefore with the help of the best pulse oximeter in India, you can detect and take medical help in time. Getting checks for blood saturation is the best for you to see any red flags which can cause pulmonary issues. Like the sorts of lung cancer, asthma, pneumonia and other chronic diseases.

Pulse Oximeter – Tool to Fight Covid-19

A pulse oximeter checks the SpO2 levels to know if any oxygen support is needed by a person. Because lower levels of oxygen can be a sign of some diseases faced by the person. With the whole COVID pandemic hovering over us this becomes one way of detecting early warning signs of the virus. As low oxygen levels can be a tell-tale to the COVID pneumonia. Which is a deadly condition to be caught in. But if you have this device you can check yourself for a couple of weeks to know if you really are positive of the virus. Since only after a period of two weeks or so can you confirm the issue of the virus.

While you might get lower levels it is necessary not to panic and cause chaos. As the lower oxygen levels will not always be the virus. Therefore make sure to note how you feel at the time as well. Are you feeling breathless? Or do you have any other symptoms? If that is the case you will need to get in touch with the nearest doctor and get medical assistance. Before you go on to assuming what are the low levels make a note that as per WHO’s (World Health Organisation) guidelines. Anything besides 95-100% range of the oxygen levels is not good. Whereas the heartbeat for anyone above the age of 10 should be in the range of 60 to 100 beats per minute. Therefore getting the best pulse oximeter in India might not be a bad idea after all.

So here are a few to help you keep save and away from any disease or virus for that matter. Make sure to check them all out to know which one should you get. And which one would be the best according to your needs. Read on to know.

Rank 1: Contec Medical Systems Pulse Oximeter

Model: CMS50DL

Best Pluse Oximeter in India
  • Functionality: This is an affordable device who’s uses include on the spot and quick checking of blood oxygen saturation levels and the plus rate of a person.
  • Portability: Keeping in mind the small size (5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm whereas the weight is 27.2 g) makes it easy to roam around with.
    • And not to mention the lanyard cord which you can put around your neck and even wrist.
    • Moreover, if you do not want to use the lanyard you can just use the soft case provided with the product. Or you can get a hard case too whatever suits your needs.
  • Battery: Low battery consumption with the 2 AAA batteries. Since you can use the device for around 30 hours with this single set of batteries makes it have long battery life. Furthermore, you have an indication that this device gives in case of low battery.
  • Easy of Usage: The usage of this oximeter is very easy. All you have to do is put in the batteries and with just a click of a single button, you can get the accurate readings.
  • Efficiency: Besides the fact that you can use this device on the go. There is another feature which makes this device a good one. That is the interference resistance capacity. This works against ambient light and measurement performance at low perfusion without interrupting the actual readings.
  • LED Display: The huge digital LED display enables you to read the reading properly. As well as the bright display of graphs for the results.
  • Accuracy: You can have good accuracy of the readings with this device within the range of 70% – 100% of the blood saturation.
  • Price: Get this product only at the approximate price of Rs. 1,800.

Rank 2: MEDITIVE Pulse Oximeter 

  • Functionality: Even doctors would advise you to have and utilise this device to find out your SpO2 levels and pulse rate on the go.
  • LED Display: The large OLED screen lets you adjust brightness as per your needs.
    • Furthermore, you have the feature where just like your smartphones you can rotate the screen to view it from any angle.
    • Also, you can view SpO2, pulse rate, pulse bar and waveform along with Perfusion Index (PI) and respiratory rate with this device.
  • Portability: The overall design being smaller sized and lightweight has made it efficient to carry around. To help even more is the lanyard which you can wear as well.
  • Smart Feature: Setting your own levels of oxygen allows for an alarm indication. For when your levels are at that point you will be indicated. This has to be considered a smart and useful feature.
  • Easy Usage: The simple and easy design enables you to have easy and fast action with this device. All at the click on just one button.
  • Efficiency: With this device, you can have a full-time doctor at home to check your saturation levels. Since it gives quick results in almost 6 seconds you no longer have to wait for any official paperback results any longer.
    • Another point is that this device shut off immediately as you take it off your finger. Which ensures that there is no wastage of battery.

Rank 3: Let’s Care Pulse Oximeter

Model: FPO002

  • Functionality: The device is designed to support people by keeping an eye on the oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates that to on the go.
  • LED: The screen is a digital coloured OLED screen so you can have clean and easy visibility of the readings of your SpO2 levels as well as pulse rate. Furthermore, to promote convience you have the rotating/ multi-directional display screen.
  • Usage: To use this device is very easy as you need to only put your finger in the finger chamber and you will get the results quickly within seconds.
  • Efficient: This oximeter can save battery power as it switches off after eight seconds of no-usage. Moreover, you need not worry that your finger might be too big or too small as it accommodates any finger sizes.
  • Portability: Since this device is lightweight and compact it is easy to travel around with it. You can take it along with you during sports activities, workouts and even for medical assistance.
  • Wide Usage: In the sense that the usage of this pulse oximeter can be anywhere. Be it in clinics, hospitals, old age home care, social medical organizations, emergency transportation and first aid or even homecare institutions.
  • Price: You can purchase this product at the cost of around Rs. 2390.

Rank 4: Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter

Model: CMPO63

  • Functionality: With various compilation for safety standards and certifications. This makes this pulse oximeter accurate and reliable enough to monitor your health in terms of blood saturation and PR.
  • LED: Fitted with a duel colour OLED display screen. Which can display to you your SPO2 levels, PR, pulse bar and waveform. Besides this, you have the multi-directional display mode. And not to forget the brightness control up to 10 levels.
  • Design: The build of this oximeter is such that it is built for durability. With the rugged design to ensure you no harm in case if you drop the product.
  • Portability: As this device is small in size it is completely portable. Moreover to promote this portability you have the option of carrying this device along with you with the help of a pouch which is provided to you.
  • Application: The application of a pulse oximeter can be anywhere. clinic, hospital, social medical organization and homecare yet still have good and accurate results.
  • Battery: For this device, the battery requirements are 2 AAA power cells.
    • And when the battery levels are low you will be indicated in advance.
    • Besides, for this to happen it might take you quite some time as the device consumers less power.
    • Thus to promote this you have the feature where the device automatically will shut down on its own after some seconds.
  • Price: This pulse oximeter is available at the price of Rs. 3300.

With that, we have a come to an end with this section of listing some of the best pulse oximeters in India. So, get selecting which one would suit you the most. But before you get to that make sure to check out some of the points to keep in mind before using your pulse oximeter.

Pulse Oximeter FAQs

How does a pulse oximeter work?

The whole working and the idea of this pulse oximeter is with the use of a red and infrared light absorption capabilities and the reaction of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood or rather hemoglobin. The well-oxygenated blood absorbed more infra light allowing the red light to pass through the finger or the area in contact. And de-oxygenated blood vice-versa. It allows the infra light to pass throught by absorbing the red light. This is a completely safe way to being tested. Based on this the pulse oximeter works.

How does the pulse oximeter measure oxygen level?

A pulse oximeter works with the help of a red light which passes through you finger or any other areas where you attach the oximeter. Since you can attach it to your earlobe, toe and finger and still get the right readings. When the light is passed on your finger the oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood reacts differently to the light. So, depending on the way the blood reacts the machine denotes the level of oxygen saturation in your body.

Is a pulse oximeter accurate?

Yes, a pulse oximeter is an accurately small and non-invasive device to monitor your SpO2 and PR. You will at the most have a 2% deviation from exact reading as compared to clinically tested levels. But this can be extremely rare cases. But if you experience this frequently make sure to check these few points. That you are not having any nail polish or artificial nails on. Neither should you have tattoos nor henna on that area. If you do this might be causing the problem and so you can simply switch the finger.

Which finger should a pulse oximeter be used on?

The right-hand middle finger is the finger which must be used to be tested with the pulse oximeter. And if for any reason you might not be able to use that finger then the go-to next finger would be the thumb of the same hand. As it is seen that these two fingers give the most accurate results as compared to any other.

What are the normal values of oxygen saturation?

While checking the normal arterial value must be around 75 to 100 millimetres of mercury. And anything below 60 mm means you need an oxygen supplement. In terms of an oximeter, you need to have at the least 95 – 100% range of reading. So any value below 90% is considered low.

But in the terms of heartbeats which the pulse oximeter also monitors it should be within the range of 60-100 beats per minute. If anything doesn’t fall in this range you might consider getting yourself checked by a professional doctor.

Steps to Using a Pulse Oximeter

It is best while using a pulse oximeter in India to know what you re doing and how to go about with the device. Lack of which might land you to damage the device or if not damage it then you will have wrong results. Which again is a risk to your health. So, in order to prevent this here are some points on how to use the pulse oximeter.

  • Set-up: Depending on the pulse oximeter, you would have to connect it to your finger, toe or earlobe. So, while doing this make sure to you don’t force it on. And if it doesn’t fit for one finger try another.
  • No Movement: Any movement can hamper the end results of this device. So, if possible laydown or rather sit down while monitoring your saturation level.
  • Be Bare: In the sense that if you have any nail polish, tattoos, henna on the area which will come in direct contact of the machine it could affect the readings. So, what you can do is choose a different finger or toe.
  • Room Temperature: If your fingers or toes are too cold you can also have faulty readings. As cold fingers are a incation of not enough blood supply in that area.

Get Monitoring

With the best pulse oximeter in India, you can get your very own check-up clinic and breathing therapist at home. So, you no longer have to allot special time to get checked. Neither do you need to spend extra on these test as well. All you need to do is get online and purchase the best pulse oximeter in India to suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Monitor your pulse away and be safe.

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