Best Office Chair for Back Pain in India – Ergonomics Explained

With the whole work from home and work from anywhere for the IT sector blowing up during the pandemic. So, have the backaches and other pains come into the picture. Therefore you need the best office chair in India for your aches and pains. As the ergonomics helps maintain your body posture and relief you from straining yourself. Hence here is the guide with why is an office chair needed and the which is the best one for you.

Best Office Chair for Back Pain in India – Quick List

Office ChairsMaterialDimensionCheck Price
Sunon MassagePVC Leather, Nylon, Memory Foam 69 x 52 x 126-35.55cmPrice on
Savya Home APEX Chairs ApolloMesh, Copolymer 20 x 20 x 23cmPrice on
Wipro FurnitureFabric, Nylon, PU Foam 66 x 66 x 112cmPrice on
Solimo EliteFabric, Mesh, Metal 50 x 62 x 116-124cmPrice on
Townsville Bruges Mesh, Metal, Nylon, PU Foam59 x 59 x 137cmPrice on

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Key Office Chair Ergonomic Features

Besides the time we are soundly asleep most of our day we spend sitting down in a chair or a couch. Which is why you need the best office chair in India to help with any back problems. But before you get buying here are a few features to consider while getting an ergonomic office chair.

Good Recline, preferably to 135 degrees

To relief your back pain or spinal pain it is necessary for you to have a recline level even if it is slight. You might think that sitting upright at a 90-degree angle is the right way and is also promoted by most chairs. And this is good for your posture and core muscles but not much for back problems. As in this posture, you exert more pressure on your back disc causing all the more pain. Which is why look for a chair which has a good recline angle. Although the ideal angle point is at 135-degrees.

High Back with Adjustable Neck Support

The last thing you would really prefer while getting an office chair is that your neck isn’t hanging at the 135-degree angle. Which is why need high back support as well as a neck support system. Therefore look for adjustable neck support that can be adjusted as and when you prefer. Furthermore, the high back makes sure that your body’s curvature is maintained and supported to promote the height adjustment.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Lumbar or lower back support is crucial for a chair to be ergonomic. Since this is the area which is most affected while sitting. When you are considering the lumbar support keep in mind there are three different types of support: the fixed, adjustable and dynamic. Dynamic are ones which automatically adjusts to your body and posture. Whereas the adjustable is when where you would have to manually adjust it all for your comfort. Hence, choose wisely.

Adjustable Height

A chair should let you easily adjust its height without too much trouble. But make sure while you do this you don’t end up extending it too much or too little. The most suitable chair height adjustment is where your feet lay flat on the ground and your knees have formed a 90-degree angle bend. Which is why you need to first know what is the suitable height for you before you invest in an office chair.

With that, you know what will work as a good feature and addition to your office chair. Hence you can go ahead and select your own office chair for yourself. Or you can choose one from the list below. That are listed only after considering the pros and cons.

Rank 1: Sunon Massage Gaming Chair


  • Design: Although this chair is originally a gaming chair even so it has great features to help reduce your back pain. Making it good to sit in while your working. Thus making the office chair cut.
  • Recline: With this chair by just adjusting the handle on the bottom of the chair lets you adjust its recline level. From 90-150 degrees angle. Making it a comfortable recline angle to be set according to your preference.
  • High Back: This gaming/ office chair has a high-back which makes sitting in the chair efficient and comfortable. Furthermore, this helps the chair to adjust and support all kinds of body types and shapes.
  • Neck Support: Equipped with along with the high-back is a neck support pillow. Which is adjustable and can be moved according to your needs. This pillow protects and supports your neck while you sit on the chair for long hours.
  • Adjustable Height: Having a fully adjustable height of the chair makes it comfortable and suitable to adjust to any person and any setting. And this chair has the adjustment of 126cm to 135.5cms to fit your body height.
  • Lumbar Support: Not only does this chair has a lumbar support cushion which is adjustable but also a massage function. This function can be activated by simply connecting the provided USB cable to a power outlet. Therefore leaving you feeling less tired at the end of the day.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: The 2D armrest of this chair provides you with additional support. That can be adjusted from side to side along with the height providing you with comfort.
  • Material: This chair is covered with the premium quality PVC leather long with heavy-duty metal and smooth-rolling PU casters. Which makes the chair easy to clean and allows smooth functioning. Enough to carry weight up to 250lbs. Furthermore, the usage of high-density memory foam adds to the comfort of the chair and assures durability.

Rank 2: Savya Home APEX Chairs Apollo

Model: AM-5001CB

  • Recline: The recline level of this office chair is right from 90-degrees up to 125-degrees. Which makes the chair comfortable enough to sit in while you concentrate on your work.
  • High Back: Sporting a mesh breathable high-back. This makes the chair even more comfortable then it already is.
  • Neck Support: A padded headrest along with the adjustability function is a good feature to have and look out for in an office chair. As for this one you can adjust it up to 2 inches.
  • Adjustable Height: Having a pneumatic 5-inch-seat height adjustment. Which makes the maximum height of the seat from 17inches to 22inches.
  • Lumbar Support: As the mesh supports your back weight the lumbar supports provides you with extra support for your lower back. Since the height is adjustable according to how you would like it to be.
  • Material: Nothing but the best material of copolymer chair which has a black contoured mesh back. Along with that, it has strong plastic armrest paired with chrome-plated metal base.
  • Design: The design of this chair is such that it can handle up to 100kgs of weight on the chair. Making this chair built not just for good posture but also durability.

Rank 3: Wipro Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair

Model: EADM901311102195

  • Recline: The recline has two locking adjustments one at 90-degrees and the other at approximately 122-degrees. Which is ergonomically enough for an office chair to maintain your posture and reduce any tension on your lower back.
  • High Back: Although this chair doesn’t have a neck support its hight back support makes up for this lacking feature. Since it is comfortable and reduces stress on your spine.
  • Adjustable Height: Besides the adjustable seat height locking design. The manufactures went on a step ahead to have an automatic weight sensing mechanism. Thus taking out the need to manually adjust the seat incline and other comfort levels.
  • Lumbar Support: Support is what you need, support is what you get. With this lumbar support as it is padded with a cushion as well as it automatically adapts to your back. Making it convenient and hassle-free.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: Having a 2D armrest which is adjustable according to your needs is a feature that this chair possesses. Furthermore, you can adjust not only the height of the armrest but also vertically adjust the rest. Which provides you with unrestricted arm movement and support.
  • Design: The design of this chair is elegant keeping in mind to add a hint of colour. To give it that modern and lively twist in a monotonous office environment.
  • Material: The material used for this chair is nylon and aluminium for the body along with fabric for the seat as well as high resilience PU foam. Since this makes the seat more breathable and comfortable to seat in even for long hours.

Rank 4: Solimo Elite Office Chair

  • Recline: For this chair, the maximum recline you can get is around 120-degrees. Which you can lock or even leave loose for you to easily lean back on them while it reclines. All with the help of a knob.
  • High Back: The chair assures your comfort and makes sure you don’t feel hot while you sit on them because of the use of the breathable mesh. That promotes airflow.
  • Neck Support: Although having neck support, this chair’s neck support cannot be adjusted too much, a slight up-down adjustment can be done. Even so, it is comfortable to use at all times.
  • Adjustable Height: The chair seat is mounted on the class IV gas lift which makes the chair easy to adjust its height. Moreover, the adjustment of the height can be for about 9-inches. Bringing it from 116inches to 124 inches.
  • Lumbar Support: Your chair will come with lumbar support which will support your lower back. Although it isn’t adjustable yet it is comfortable and works well as a supporting system for your back.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: Sporting a 3D armrest which is adjustable according to your needs. Moreover, the armrest has TPU pads that are durable and makes resting your arms on them much more comfortable.
  • Design: The chair is designed to provide you with a mix of combinations of comfort and durability. Thus, this chair supports you and can handle weight up to 150kgs and the backrest can take weight up to 32kgs.
  • Material: In the making of the chair only high-quality upholstery has been used like that of mesh and toxin-free, high abrasion-resistance fabric. Furthermore, in the body good and high-quality metal is used.

Rank 5: Townsville Bruges Office Chairs

Model: 4090H

  • Design: Specially designed with the lightweight factor in mind along with durability and comfort. To take any pressure off your back and reduce aches even after long work hours.
  • Recline: The chair allows little recline which cannot be adjusted yet with inclining seat the backrest is made comfortable.
  • High Back: The high back is of mesh which adds to the sophisticated appearance along with the comfort that it gives you.
  • Neck Support: Presences of a comfortable netted back support which is adjustable. Provides the much-needed maximum support to your back and shoulders while you are working. Moreover, it comes with cushioned neck support that saves you from neck aches.
  • Adjustable Height: Townsville provides you with the adjustability feature to makes sure you can have a convenient sitting experience. With the lock mechanism, this feature is easy to keep in check. Allowing you a pneumatic 4 to 5-inch-seat height from 125cm up to 137cm.
  • Lumbar Support: You can see the visible lumbar support on this chair which takes the most of the pressure and doesn’t let your lower back feels the stress. Although not adjustable it still does the required job effectively.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: Since the armrest are made of plastic you might feel that they will be uncomfortable but this isn’t the case. As these 1D armrest are adjustable to suit your needs and wants at any point of time.
  • Material: For heavy-duty usage, this chair uses the best material possible. As the caster is of nylon to hold the weight steadily. Whereas for the ergonomic chair is of Co-Polymer with double layers of black contour mesh back with a ply base and high resilience PU moulded foam. Moreover, the use of chrome-plated metal base ensures that it’s 100% heavy-duty and supports day-long working conditions.

With that, you have made it to the end of the list of the best office chair in India. These are sure to lessen the uncomfortable feeling you feel in a normal chair. And not to mention the aches and pains which will disappear when you get this ergonomic office chair for your home in India. Read on to know how you can lessen any back pains all the more while you sit down for long working hours.

Sitting Stretches for Back Pain

Sitting for a long time can be painful and even more tiring than working at your desk. Since you would have to hold yourself in a single position with or without the support provided by the best office chair in India. Which means you need occasional stretching out and even have some time to take a break and walk to allow blood flow in your body. Therefore, here are a few in your seat stretches for your back.

Begin with the cat-cow pose which you would have to hold each of these poses for around 20 seconds. For this, you have to first keep your feet on the ground and rest your arms palm down on your knees. Then, you inhale pushing your chest out and your head back. This position is the cat pose, as for the cow pose you have to exhale. While doing so stretch your spine in opposite direction. Where in your chin reaches to touch your chest. Next, you have the figure 4. For which you have to sit up straight and bring your right ankle over your left knee. And slightly lean forward but do not bend your back or neck while doing so. And then you repeat it with the other foot.

For the next one be seated straight on the chair with your knees and feet hip-width apart. While inhaling get your arms at shoulder’s height and bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle finger extended towards the ceiling. at this point, you exhale and bring your right hand under your left hand in the same bend elbow position and press your palms together. At this point, you take your left foot and cross it over your right foot and hold this position. Once you do that repeat the same with your right foot and the left arm. This pose is called the seated eagle pose.

Later, you have to do a seat twist stretch. where you have to start by sitting in your chair and exhaling while you reach the back of the chair without moving your hips. you can use the backrest of the chair as support while you do this exercise. But make sure to repeat it on the other side as well.

And lastly, you have the forward bend pose. Where you have to stand behind/ front of a stable surface like your chair or table. Inhale deeply and lift your hands over your head. From there you exhale and bend down to place your hands on the tabletop or the back of the chair you are using. You can bend your knees if you need to but make sure you stretch your torso. It is also advised not to break from this position right away. Follow the same steps backwards till you are back to the standing position.

Bonus – The Yoga Ball Chair for Back Pain

As from the name, you would assume this chair has a ball in place of a regular seat. And just like the best office chair, you would get in India, this chair as well is a posture correcting features and provides you with relief from back pain in the long run. Furthermore, this chair works by raising your back, neck and shoulders which promotes blood circulation and strengthen core muscles. Besides this, the chair helps for your concentration and a bit of exercise while you are working. This is possible with the ball movement feature available. Thus, you can consider getting a ball chair instead of the best office chair in India as well.

Medvision Ball Chair for Office Home and Gym

  • Functionality: This chair is specially designed to promote well-being and also helps with active flexible seating. Since this improves proper alignment. Moreover relieves back pain and soreness associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  • Back Rest: For the ball chair you have the function to use the backrest or no. Since it is detachable and even adjustable as per your needs you can take your pick on the best way you prefer to use it.
  • Dimensions: With this chair, you will have the height of the backrest at 2.5 feet tall. While the base will be at 20 inches wide from each side of the wheels of the chair.
  • Energy Boost: While you sit on this chair there is a slight movement which keeps you balancing on the chair. That engages and keeps your body and mind active. Which leads to higher levels of energy and concentration, in turn leading to a productive day’s work.
  • Portability: Since each leg of the chair has a thick 2.5 inches of the caster. This promotes smooth rolling of the chair and also if you do not want movement you can lock two of the wheels.
  • Ball Features: The ball comes to you in a deflated form which has to be inflated. Once inflated the dimension should be around 52cms.
    • Furthermore, you will have to not worry that the ball might slip off while you sit on it as the chair has a metal ball holder. That ensures it stays in place.
  • Multi-Usage: The usage of this ball chair is for sitting on while you work and even as a workout prop.

Office Chair FAQs

Which office chair is suitable for India’s weather?

While you sit in chairs, especially chunky and heavily padded ones for long hours. Hot weather or not you are bound to feel hot and uncomfortably sticky. And no one likes to feel that way as it takes your focus out of your work. The best solution for this would for you to get a lighter chair which uses breathable material. Advised material would be mesh as it is breathable and keeps any stench at bay. Moreover, mesh chairs have a good, modern outlook as well.

What is the reclining limit of an office chair?

While looking for an office chair the reclining level would be around 90- degrees to 155-degrees. 90-degrees would be for when you are concentrating on your work. Whereas somewhere around 135-degrees would be where you want to stretch and rest awhile in-between your work session. And lastly, any other angle of recline beyond 135-degrees is for power naps or resting.

Which back material for the office chair is better?

It would be advised for you to choose a mesh one since this is considered the best for any office chair in India. This is because a mesh chair is much more breathable as it allows airflow. In terms of outlook, mesh gives you a modern yet elegant outlook to your setting. Besides, even in terms of heath mesh is more comfortable as it distributes your weight evenly. Thus, keeping any back problems and aches at bay. Therefore making it a prefered choice in terms of office chairs.

How different is an office chair from a gaming chair?

It is easy to confuse the two if you don’t have prior knowledge about them both. The most apparent difference is that in an office chair comfort is the priority, as for the gaming chair style is prioritized. Another factor you might find different is the backrest. As office chairs, these are not necessarily high backs but gaming chairs always have high-back with neck support. Which in most cases are not much adjustable in height as of office chair have height-adjustable option.

Apart from these few features both the office chair and the gaming chair have similar features and functionality. Which makes it clear why people can seem to confuse each other.

In one go, how long can you sit on an office chair?

Sitting for long hours is a big no. Whether it is in an office chair or another chair. Which is why it is necessary for you to get out of your chair at the most after every hour. Stretch out your muscles and walk around a bit. Do this for at least 5 minutes after every hour. If you don’t do this in the long run you might have plenty of health complications such as that of diabetes or blood pressure. Furthermore whenever possible try standing up to make-up for the long hours of sitting.

Support your Back

With about half of the jobs being sit down ones it has become a necessity for you have your own office chair in India. Which provides you with comfort and promotes good posture throughout the day. Be it for your workplace or your home work station. Considering the fact that work from home is quite popular in today’s times. So, why not have a reward for your back for always being there for you (pun intended). Keep your health before everything else and consider getting the best office chair in India. If you are looking to enhance your posture try considering the best kneeling chair in India.

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