Best Neck and Shoulder Massager Machine in India

Tight shoulders and stiff necks are issues that are too common these days due to the prolonged hours at work. Consider buying the best neck and shoulder massager machine in India for your needs. No matter what your lifestyle is, whether you are a physically active person or inactive person. You will definitely experience muscle pain and stiffness at some point. Neck and shoulder pain is due to sitting at the work desks for more than 8 hours a day continuously. Tense neck and shoulder muscles don’t only cause discomfort in these regions but may exhibit themselves as headache too.

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. The best neck and shoulder massager machine in India will be your best friend. It will help you in resolving these issues and give you relief. The best part about this equipment is that you can use this at your own convenience. This equipment can do things which humans would normally do. You can use it comfortably at home. It’s just a click of a button away to offer you that total relaxation. You won’t feel the need for booking an appointment with the physiotherapist or an expensive massage salon.

It is obvious that the massage salon or the therapist in India won’t call you just once for the treatment. You will have to visit them weekly or monthly depending on how worse the pain is. Further, long-distance driving can cause stiff necks and shoulder pain. With the best neck and shoulder massager machine in India, you don’t have to worry about all these issues. It’s a one-time investment. Read further to know more about these valuable massagers and how to choose the right one. 

Different Types of Massagers for Neck and Shoulder

A neck massager basically is like a pillow. It has built-in electronic rollers that perform the function of massaging your neck and shoulder area. Thus, they give you comfort. Additionally, these products possess handles which allow you to keep it in place or move it around if you like. Purchasing the best neck and shoulder massager machine in India will release tension in the upper back and provide more shoulder mobility.

Further, it improves blood circulation and sleep. The 3 types of massagers for your neck and shoulder are as follows. The first one being a sling massager, the second being a handheld massager and the third being a cushion massager. Take a look at each of these to know the functionality and how it can benefit you. 

Sling Massager

A sling massager is a wrap-around model in the form of a sling. These massagers incorporate rollers and balls that move in different directions. Thus mimicking the actual use of a therapist or masseur’s hands. Most of the sling models offer heat and are a great way to offer quick relief and relaxation to your neck, shoulders as well as your back. A sling massager has handholds which are a plus point. These handholds enable you to control the pressure of the massaging balls. Thus offering you a gentle and robust massage as you would like. It is best for your neck. 

Hand Held Massager

A handheld massager is an electronic device that enables you to hold it in your hand while using it. These type of massagers consist of a massage head. The function of the massage head is to apply pressure to the desired area of the body. Thus relieving stiffness related pain and issues. If you use these handheld massagers regularly and in the correct manner then it will lead you many significant benefits. It relaxes your muscles, improves sleep, treats muscle soreness and is great for blood circulation.

Cushion Massager

The other term for a cushion massager is a massage pillow. It is a suitable choice if the pain is located at the neck, shoulders or lower back area. Going to a masseuse on a regular basis is pretty expensive and time-consuming in India. A cushion massager can do all of these tasks while your home in a smooth and efficient manner. Additionally, it can alleviate shoulder and neck pain in case of injury.

Further, it can relieve stress too. Consider getting a cushion massager home as it can cater to your needs. Anytime you feel like giving your neck and shoulders a gentle soothing rub, here is the solution for you. The best thing about massage pillows is that they are small in size and lightweight. Hence, they are easily portable and easy to store. They don’t need much space. 

Rank 1: Dr Physio (USA) Shiatsu Body Massager Machine

  • Full Body Massager: Dr Physio Massager works wonders on your whole body by providing a full body massage. You can use this on your neck, back, foot, calf, shoulders, and legs.
  • Multi-purpose Functionality: It relieves severe tension in the muscles, eliminates stress, enhances cell stimulation for healthy skin, and enhances blood circulation. 
  • Easy Control: This neck massager is extremely easy to operate by users of all age groups. It has power (on/off) button, heat (on/off). Additionally, it has a button to change the direction of the massage as well as the intensity button. 
  • Free Car Charger and Adapter: Dr Physio USA neck massager comes with an adapter for home use. In addition to this, it comes with another one for you to use in your car. It ensures you use it to the maximum whether at home, car or in the office with a voltage of around 110 to 240 V. Hence, it is easy to use and portable enough. 
  • Price: It is available at a price of around Rs. 2,000.

Rank 2: JSB Neck Massager for Cervical Shoulder Pain

  • Perfect for Cervical Shoulder Pain: This neck massager machine is perfect to use for cervical shoulder pain and stress relief. It offers kneading feature and heat function. You can also use it on your neck, shoulders, waist, thighs, back, and abdomen. 
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: You can adjust the roller position and massage intensity easily with this ergonomic handle design. The more tightly you hold this massager against your body, the harder the rollers will massage.
  • Special Kneading Massage: It offers you a kneading massage on your neck, back and shoulders with 8 balls and heat function. The rollers move clockwise and anticlockwise to give you comfort. 
  • Price: It is available at a price of around Rs. 2,000.

Rank 3: JSB Massager with Powerful Vibration

  • Powerful Vibration and Dual Heads: This JSB neck massager offers powerful vibration for pain relief. It is a heavy-duty full body massager machine. Additionally, it has dual heads for wider coverage. 
  • All-purpose: This pain relief massager is used especially for cervical massage. Additionally, it can be used for the neck, back, foot massage and other muscular pains. 
  • Intensity Control: This device is equipped with intensity control, hence enabling you to adjust it to HIGH or LOW. 
  • Price: This piece is available at a price of around Rs. 900. 

Rank 4: Dr Physio Cushion Massager

  • Speed Regulation and Heat Control System: This Dr Physio Cushion Massager enables you to adjust its speed. It features an inbuilt speed control system that allows setting up the speed system according to your choice. The heat control system makes your massage more enjoyable and comfortable. 
  • Skin Tightening: This is very helpful in getting body skin back into shape after weight loss. It features deep kneading, rotating Shiatsu massage nodes that increase the blood circulation. Further, it works wonders while tightening the sagging skin. 
  • Magnetic Therapy: This therapy improves blood circulation in the body. It enables oxygen, minerals, and blood cells to flow in the body and heal the affected body parts faster. The other conditions benefitted are stress, heart disease, infections, pain, and injuries.
  • Price: Dr Physio Cushion Massager is available at an approximate price of Rs. 2,000.  

Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylitis (Spondylosis) is also referred to as cervical osteoarthritis. This condition occurs due to changes involved in the bones, discs and joints of the neck. These changes are thereby caused by the normal wear and tear of aging. Cervical spondylitis usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly people.

The reason behind this is that with age, the discs of the cervical spine gradually break down. They lose fluid and become stiffer. Most often, neck pain and stiffness is caused due to cervical spondylitis. The other symptoms of cervical spondylitis are a pain in the shoulder or arms, inability to fully turn the head or bend the neck. In some cases, this can affect a person while he/she is driving. 

If you are experiencing recurring neck pain then there are high chances that you are suffering from cervical spondylitis.
Here are some tests that doctors use to diagnose spondylitis. Spondylitis is diagnosed using radiology tests such as plain film X-rays, MRI or CT scans. X-rays depict bone spurs on vertebral bodies in the spine. Further, it depicts the thickening of the facet joints and narrowing of the intervertebral disc spaces. If you undergo a CT scan of the spine, then it enables you to visualize the spine in detail.

Cervical spondylitis

This can also diagnose a narrowing of the spinal canal when present. MRI scans are more expensive in comparison to X-rays and CT scans. But, they display the greatest details of the spine and are used to visualize the intervertebral discs. You can visualize the vertebrae, the facet joints, the nerves and the ligaments in the spine. 

A massager may help you, but always consult a doctor to be on the safer side.  

  • If your pain is not manageable even after using the massager, then visit the doctor.
  • Visit your doctor if your leg is weak and if you are unable to flex your foot at the ankle. Further, even if you are unable to walk on your toes or heels. 
  • Your massager may not be able to help you if you are suffering from the loss of bladder or bowel control. This occurs when you have acute neck and back pain. You experience the inability to start or stop urinating. This indicates a serious nerve dysfunction. Hence, visit your doctor as soon as possible. 
  • If the neck or back pain is associated with a fever over 100F or weight loss, then your massager may not be able to help you enough. You will have to visit the doctor for further treatment. 

Non-Electric Alternative for Neck Massage 

Latuki Handheld Non-Electric Acupressure Self Massager

  • Boosts Blood Flow Circulation: This neck massager increases blood flow and circulation. Additionally, it relieves neck pain, tension, fatigue and neck stiffness.
  • Relieves Muscle Pain: The 2 soft and firm silicone balls help loosen up the tense muscles by focussing on the main pressure trigger points.
  • Promotes Instant Healing: It promotes healing for tension, headaches, and migraine.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The design of this ergonomic handle makes it easy for handling and controlling the massager. It offers you a comfortable massage direction intensity.
  • Dual Head Design: The massager balls of the dual trigger point give you the feel of a massage therapist’s hands for deep penetrating the muscles for instant pain relief.
  • Price: This Latuki Non-electric Self Massager is available for around Rs. 400.

If you are not comfortable using an electric massager then select the non-electric alternative. A handheld non-electric massager is advised for pregnant women. This is the best as you can avoid functions such as vibration, deep tissue massage, and heat treatment. It is essential to avoid these functions as it is risky for both the mother as well as the child. Even doctors advise the same. 

Neck and Shoulder Massager FAQs

How long should you use a Neck and Shoulder Massager?

The duration and frequency of using a neck and shoulder massager vary from individual to individual. In fact, this depends on a person’s body and health. Generally, using a neck and shoulder massager daily is key to maximize the health benefits of the neck. It can treat and heal you faster if used on a daily basis. This indicates that using a neck and shoulder massager daily is a better option.

But, if you’re finding it uncomfortable or your condition is not that worse, then restrict the neck and shoulder massager to once a week. You may consult your doctor before you use a neck and shoulder massager.

Does the Neck Massager make you feel dizzy?

Yes, feeling dizzy after using a neck massager is a common occurrence. Especially while using it for the first and second time. However, if you’re experiencing this repeatedly then it might be of concern. Since it might be due to some health problems. If this is the case then you need to take it seriously.

This dizziness can occur due to blood pressure, anaemia, heart problems. Additionally, it can also be due to emotional stress or anxiety. So, it’s better you consult your doctor if this is the case.

How heavy is a Neck & Shoulder Massager?

Every neck and shoulder massager weighs different. Some are heavy and bulky whereas some are lightweight and small. Always opt for a neck and shoulder massager that is lightweight so that you will be comfortable while using it. If it’s heavy/bulky, then you’ll have a tough time wearing it. Additionally, if you travel often or commute long distances then weight and size need to be taken into consideration. Hence, consider purchasing a neck and shoulder massager that is light in weight and not too bulky.

Can a Neck & Shoulder Massager be used for Frozen Shoulder condition?

Yes, a neck and shoulder massager, as well as routine stretches, can reduce the pain associated with frozen shoulder condition. In fact, massage will increase blood flow to the area. Moreover, it will help your muscles relax and improve inflammation. Further, this will reduce the swelling and tenderness not just in the shoulder. But also in the surrounding areas. With a decrease in pain, you will benefit from an increase in the range of motion.

Say Bye to Expensive Therapists and Massage Salons

The best neck and shoulder massager machine in India is one which is easy to use and gives you relief. If your massager treats you the same way as a therapist or massage salon then you are on the right track. Even though massagers might seem scary to use, they are very effective. They are safer and easier than you would ever think or imagine since they are optimized in such a way.

Ensure the massager that you purchase has multiple massage modes and is safe and easy to use. In addition to this, it should be compact, durable, portable, and lightweight. Further, the best neck and shoulder massager machine in India is a one-time investment. So, don’t compromise too much on the budget. Keep in mind to check on the quality and if it is worth the price. The benefits that this massager machine can bring you are beyond measurement. Check out the best massager machine for lower back pain in India and best car seat massager in India for more in-depth information.

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