Best Back Massager in India – Expert Reviews[2023]

Do you frequently experience back pain? Before you succumb to it, consider getting the best back massager machine in India. It can be difficult to fight the urge to book a pricey deep-tissue massage. Investing in the best massager helps you quickly relieve achy knots and tightness. The plus point is that it will offer you all of these at your own convenience.

If you are suffering from severe or persistent lower back pain that’s worsening then consult a doctor. Avoid negligence and don’t waste time, as you can’t afford to do so. Keep in mind, the more you delay, the worse will be the outcome. Minor aches and pains might be bothering you due to hunching over a laptop the whole day at work. Furthermore, other reasons can include working out hard at the gym or personal reasons. The best massager machine for lower back pain in India will work wonders for your daily comfort.

Best Massager Machine for Lower Back Pain in India

Keep reading in order to prepare your lower back for pure comfort. The best massager machine for lower back pain in India is one that gives you relief and fits your budget.

Best Back Massager in India – Quick List

Back MassagerTechnologyTypeCheck Price
Dr Physio (USA) Shiatsu MassagerShiatsu pressure
Price on
KosmoCare Cushion Back Massager 3D massage nodes Back Cushion Price on
Dr Physio (USA) Electric MassagerMassage headsHandheldPrice on

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Types of Massagers Machines for Lower Back Pain

There are different types of massager machines for lower back pain. A few mentioned in depth below are cushion massager, seat massager, and handheld massager.

Cushion Massager

A cushion massager equipped with the one-touch operation is an ideal one. Additionally, it should offer a minimum of 15 minutes of intense 3D deep-kneading and heat therapy. Cushion massagers are equipped with 3D rollers. These 3D rollers (small wheels) in the device administer the massage. Further, they offer deep massages since they move left to right, up and down and in and out. Thus, with the multi-directional facility, you can manoeuvre the massager into painful locations to experience immediate relief.

A cushion massager for lower back pain

It rolls out muscle tension in your lower back all the way to your neck and shoulders. Additionally, the cushion massager is ergonomically designed to conform to the curve of your spine. A cushion massager comes with heat therapy. The heat causes blood vessels to enlarge, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the area in your back. Moreover, it immediately numbs pain and promotes muscle flexibility. Besides this, they are great stress busters. The best part about cushion massagers is that you can move them around from your car to your office. Enjoy a self-induced massage anywhere from the inside. They are a bit cheaper than massage chairs. 

Seat Massager

A seat massager is versatile. This remote-controlled seat massager can provide a 10 or 15-minute 3D intense therapeutic massage for your back. It can sometimes work for 20 minutes too. Additionally, it provides a deep kneading massage that targets key pressure points and manipulates problem discs and joints in the spine. Furthermore, a seat massager is equipped with heat therapy for back pain, improving circulation to the back and preventing further back injury by improving joint flexibility.

Seat massager in India

The main advantage of using a seat massager is that you can strap it over your favourite furniture. It includes seat vibration so that your upper thighs also receive the same royal treatment. Spending all day on a seat massager would not be practical or safe to do. It is recommended to use seat massagers for short intervals i.e up to 15 minutes. This will benefit your back and neck muscles as well as your well-being. During breaks try stretching and improving the mobility in your back.

Besides this, your body will experience all the benefits of a massage. You can adjust the seat massagers to work on specific body areas like the back, shoulders, and neck. Keep in mind that excess massaging can directly aggravate existing injuries and other pains. Further, if not used with caution then they can create totally new injuries by themselves. This is the major reason behind using seat massagers for a short interval of time. 

Handheld Massager

I understand that there’s nothing worse than achy muscles. A handheld massager is a great choice for comfort on the go! When you can’t get out of your chair without flinching, a handheld massager will combat some of that discomfort. You can always go to the spa, but that might not be feasible every time. Additionally, it is time-consuming too. A handheld massager can work wonders if used in the right manner. A great handheld massager can provide some essential relief. First of all, they are portable and lightweight. Secondly, you can use it on yourself without anyone’s assistance.

Hand held massager in India for lower back pain

Hence, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect masseuse/masseur. This equipment is beautifully designed and takes care of the hard-to-reach areas on your back. The device is portable, waterproof, and battery-powered which lets you use it anywhere without worry. It comes with a travel lock so that there is no accidental usage when it is packed in your bags. It’s possible to take it even in the shower. Due to its powerful vibration features, it works on tough knots and muscle strains as well. Thus, providing you with amazing on-the-go pain relief. 

Best Massagers for Back Pain

1. Dr Physio (USA) Shiatsu Body Massager

  • Shiatsu Kneading Deep Muscle Relaxer: It allows you to conveniently add heat and intensity to the hard-to-reach muscle groups. This relaxing massager will help reduce tightness and improve flexibility. 
  • Multiple Massage Nodes: The ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with eight rotating nodes will support and relax the muscles.
  • Comforting Heat from Infrared Light: This Dr Physio massager offers a soothing heat that reaches deep into muscle fibers. The maximum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius through infrared bulbs, thus ideal for your safety and comfort. It releases pain and stress too.
  • Improved Recovery Times: A great way to recover from injuries as it increases circulation for improved mobility. The Bi-Direction movement mimics the feeling of a personal massage. 
  • Price: Dr Physio (USA) Shiatsu Body Massager Machine is available at approximately Rs. 2,000.

2. KosmoCare Back Cushion Massager

  • Real Simulation of Masseurs: This cushion massager consists of 12 specially designed 3D massage nodes that represent real massage therapist hands to relieve your pain, aches, tension, and knots. You can use it conveniently at home, work or even while commuting in your car. 
  • Selectable Heat Function: It features an optional gentle heat function that improves blood circulation, thus helping you unwind from a stressful day.
  • Multi-purpose Function: A unique S-track designed to massage your upper back, lower back and waist. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. This depends on how hard you press against the surface of that body part.
  • Lightweight and Portable: It is lightweight, thus making it easy to carry and store. This massager is also portable. It is convenient for using it on the sofa, office chair, couch or even in your car. 
  • Price: The KosmoCare Back Cushion Massager is available at a price of around Rs. 4,600.

3. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Body Massager

  • Double Head Electric Massager: Equipped with a double head design and 3 sets of removable massage heads for a variety of massage options. It works great on areas such as the neck, back, legs and feet as well. 
  • Therapeutic and Fatigue Relief: This massage pillow is your personal masseuse and is specially built for deep tissue body massage. It relieves you from built-up muscle tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation.
  • Powerful Motor: This professional strength massager has a powerful motor that runs up to 3,350 pulses per minute. The customizable speed settings help you manage the intensity and power of the massager.
  • Ergonomic Design: It has a non-slip and strong rubber grip for ease of use, making it comfortable to hold while massaging. 

How To Choose the Best Massager for Back Pain

Massage Modes

One of the factors to be considered while choosing the best massager for back pain is the number of massage modes. The best massager machine for lower back pain in India should have at least the kneading mode and acupressure mode

Kneading mode

Kneading is a circular massage technique. In this technique, the therapist has to move the skin and its underlying structures in a circular rotating motion. They need to perform this on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. In this procedure, the tissue is lifted and rolled away from the bone. It is then rolled back towards the bone with a squeezing compressive action. Since pressure is applied to the deep tissues, it is used to treat tight muscles, increase flexibility and decrease pain. Additionally, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

The therapists use their hands and fingers to perform this massage. Depending upon the area of the body that is being kneaded. Breaking down collagen fibres can relieve restrictive tissue, decrease pain, and increase movement. Hence, the best massager machine for lower back pain in India should have a kneading mode. This will save you the time and effort of visiting the therapist personally. You can perform the kneading on yourself as and when you want to as per your convenience. Say NO to appointments with the physiotherapist.

Acupressure mode

Acupressure is a massage technique that performs the function of decreasing pain and clearing muscle tension. Additionally, it increases blood circulation and promotes a deep state of relaxation. In order to perform this technique, the therapist needs to use his/her fingers. He/she has to gradually press the fingers into key points around the body. It is performed on trigger points (the neuromuscular point where a muscle and a nerve meet together and cause irritation) within muscles and soft tissues.

Further, acupressure can be effective to relieve headaches, and backache and also gives you relief in conditions such as fibromyalgia. Moreover, the acupressure technique helps in healing soft tissues for better recovery. So getting a massager machine with acupressure mode will help you post-injury, for pain relief and relieve tight muscles. Above all, you can do all of these at your own convenience if you have the best massager. 

As followed always, the more the better. The same thing goes with the best massager machine for lower back pain in India. The number of modes is directly related to the intensity of the massage that you will receive. Thus, in order to get a more intense massage, consider a massager that has more modes available. 

With Heat or Without Heat

It is always better, I would say way better to go for a back massager with the heat function. For most people, heat is one of the most efficient methods for relief from pain. Heat promotes blood circulation. Further, it reaches deep into muscle fibres, reducing tightness and increasing flexibility. When the heated skin blocks the pain signals by stimulating the sensors, your brain will perceive it as the pain going down. Further, it is not only useful when it comes to pain management. But it can also be a great option during winter. Majority experience back pain when the weather is extremely cold. Thus, by using a massager with the heat function, you will be relieving the pain.


It is always better to opt for a massager that comes with a 1-year warranty. Again I would say a minimum of 1-year replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. Warranty policies vary in duration of coverage and they are limited in most cases. 

Comfortable Usage

Firstly, the massager that you use should have an ergonomic design. The handle should be easy enough to hold with a firm grip. Nobody would want to use a self-massager with a rough or slippery handle or which is difficult to hold and use. Secondly, it should be lightweight. Nobody would want their hand to start aching while using the massager. Also, the lighter it is, the better it would be to carry it around. A portable back massager will suit you best if you are mostly outdoors or work for long hours in the office. For people who travel a lot, a non-electrical variant of the massager is ideal for use.

Non-electrical massager machines are much lighter than the electric variant. You can even use them in your car if you wish to. Consider buying one which is smaller in size too so that it fits easily in your handbag/backpack. The length of the cord also plays a major role. The longer the cord, the more feasible to use. It should also work for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes on the go, without stopping itself. Anything less than that is just not worth buying. The head of the massager should be wide enough so that it is suitable on any surface. 

Non-Electrical Massagers for Lower Back Pain

If you feel the need for a massager just after a workout or post-jogging, then consider purchasing a non-electrical massager. The best part about this equipment is that you don’t need to be home to use it. You can use it at your convenience when you are out. This feature makes it one of the best back massager machine options in India.

Purchasing a non-electrical massager for lower back pain can serve your needs. First of all, they are way lighter and smaller compared to electrical massager machines. Secondly, it can easily fit into your handbag or backpack. Thirdly, you can use it without anybody’s help as they are self-massagers. Let’s take a look at some of the recommended non-electrical massagers for lower back pain.

Truecare Self Massage Deep Tissue Massager

  • Self-Massage Hard-to-Reach Areas: This hook massager is designed to offer you a proper massage in hard-to-reach areas. Areas such as your back or between your shoulder blades. 
  • Different Knobs for Varying Pressure: The rounded knob will help you out on a general area. The pointed knob will target a specific part that you need immediate relief on. 
  • Trusted Product by Doctors and Athletes: Recommended by CrossFit instructors, physical therapists, athletes, and yoga instructors worldwide as a world-class self-massage tool. 
  • Accurately Placed Therapy Knobs: Locate and relieve muscle knots, spasms, and trigger points. It easily accesses pressure points in your entire body. 
  • Price: Truecare Self Massage Deep Tissue Massager is available at a price of around Rs. 7,053.

Back Massager FAQs

How long should a back massager be used?

A massager should be used for around 15 minutes on a particular area of your body. The same thing implies with a back massager also. A back massager can be used several times a day, but each session should not exceed 15 minutes. This will avoid bruising your muscles.

However, if you are simply moving the back massager around on different parts of your body, then the maximum usage time is 30 minutes. Note that the best back massagers come with an auto-off feature. As the name suggests, this feature switches off the back massager automatically after 15 to 20 minutes to avoid any dangers or risks of excess usage.

Can back massagers hurt the spine?

No. Back massagers won’t hurt the spine if you use the massager appropriately and gently. Don’t be under the impression that if you use the back massager for a long time then it will cure you or relieve you of the pain faster. It will only worsen your condition since anything excess is bad for your health. Hence, keep in mind not to use the massager for more than 15 minutes per session. Also, ensure you don’t use the massager vigorously on your back.

Can back massagers be self used?

Yes, of course. A back massager is creatively designed thus you can self-massage yourself in an easy and convenient manner. Owning a back massager of your own is beneficial since you won’t have to visit the masseur or physiotherapist. Moreover, you can self-massage yourself at any hour of the day at your convenience.

Besides releasing back pain, it also relieves tension and discomfort. Ensure you use it gently on your body and use it the appropriate way. Don’t exert too much force and don’t use it for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Do back massagers have heat therapy?

Yes, almost all the back massagers available today have heat therapy. Thus, before you make your purchase, ensure you check whether it is equipped with the heat therapy function or not. As a matter of fact, heat therapy is an effective remedy for alleviating back pain. This is because it boosts circulation.

The circulation allows the nutrients and oxygen to travel to the joints and the muscles. This, in turn, repairs the damaged muscles, relieves inflammation and improves stiffness in the back.

The Comfort you Need

Now that you know the value of the best back massager machine for lower back pain in India, you don’t need a professional masseur. This equipment is a piece of heaven for all those suffering from chronic back pain and discomfort. Consider getting this one-time home accessory for your back pain needs. I believe, nobody has the time to travel and go personally to the therapist. Further, massage salons charge a lot, more than you think.

Also, you may have taken an appointment earlier, but may end up stuck with some other important work. In order to avoid all this, the best massager machine for lower back pain in India will relieve you of your back pain. Ensure you keep your requirements and the budget in mind and go ahead and get this best friend home. You can check out the best neck and shoulder massager machine in India to relieve yourself of neck and shoulder pain.

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