Best Foot Massager in India – Expert Review [2023]

Experiencing persistent foot pain? The foot massager improves blood circulation, treats arthritis, reduces inflammation, and more. If you’re one of those who stand all day long at work. Or if you’re a lifelong runner then consider purchasing the best foot massager in India. Research has proved that 10 minutes of daily foot massage not only impact physical health but also mental health.

best foot massager in India

Additionally, foot massagers help athletes relax after a vigorous workout or an intensive game. Because it enables the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body by interacting with the receptors in your brain. This reduces the perception of your pain. This in-depth article will guide you in purchasing the best foot massager for the Indian audience.

Best Foot Massager in India – Quick List

Foot MassagerTypeMassage ModesCheck Price
JSB Leg & Foot Massager
Calf & FootKneading
Relaxing Foot Reflexology
Price on
HealthSense Foot Massager
LM 310
Feet OnlyFoot reflexology
Shiatsu massage
Acupressure massage
Price on
HealthSense Foot Massager
LM 330
Feet OnlyAir Bag Compression
Deep kneading
Shiatsu massage
Price on
Agaro Foot & Calf Massager Calf & FootKneading
Foot Reflexology
Infrared Heating Therapy
Price on

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Types of Foot Massagers

Always consider the area of the application before purchasing a foot massager. This is a very important factor. Some foot massagers can massage only the feet. While some provide more massaging options for the calf, ankle, and leg as well. Identifying your massage preference will help you select the right one.

Calf, Leg, Ankle and Foot Massager

A foot massager that can massage your calves, ankles, legs, and feet is a great utility device and is considered one of the best options if you reside in India. There are only a few massagers in the market that target calf muscles as well. Instead of an open design, some foot massager models have the tilt option. This enables these foot massagers to massage the sole, ankle as well as calf muscles. If you work for 4 to 8 hours standing continuously. Then, unfortunately, your calf muscles are on the verge of developing knots.

These kinds of foot massagers have rubber kneading massage pads. These kneading massage pads press towards your feet, thighs, calves and legs. This, in turn, releases muscle tension and improves blood circulation in that area. Anyone experiencing foot discomfort or calf and leg muscle pain any time of the day can use a foot massager effectively. You will get the feel of a massage therapist working on you. These types of massagers are known as foot massagers in India.

Foot Massager only

Some foot massagers can only massage the foot area. As a matter of fact, these foot massagers perfectly target the muscles on the soles. Massaging pressure points on the foot is an ancient practice to achieve health benefits. Buying the foot massager will enable you to self-massage your feet. Besides this, you won’t have to fix an appointment with the massage therapist every now and then. Additionally, it will save you a lot of money from regular trips to the spa. Or for that matter trips to the massage therapists.

Rank 1: JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager

The JSB HF05 leg and foot massager has rubber kneading pads. Besides this, it has 3 modes of vibration, and 3 modes of kneading. Additionally, it is effective in curing varicose veins, arthritis, and knee pain. JSB Brand is number 1 as it effectively massages the foot, ankle, and calf at the same time. Consider this as one of the best foot massager in India.

  • Three-Speed Level: This leg and foot massager consists of 3-speed levels. As a result, you will experience a massage that feels like a massage therapist’s hands.
  • Auto Shut-off Feature: The ideal time for a safe massage is 15 minutes. Hence, after the completion of 15 minutes, this device will shut down immediately. Thanks to the auto shut-off feature.
  • Full Customization: Since it is equipped with rubber kneading pads. It can squeeze your feet sensibly after a long tiresome day.
  • Low Power Consumption: Here’s another advantage of going for this product. This massager consumes a minimal amount of electricity. Therefore it is an environment-friendly device.
  • Intensity Control: Featuring 3 intensity controls i.e low, medium, and high. Hence, you can self-massage yourself by increasing or decreasing the intensity as per your preferences.
  • Relax and Rejuvenate Anywhere: After using this device. You can approach your dinner table or bed completely relaxed and rejuvenated.
JSB HF05 best massager machine for foot pain
  • Gentle Vibration System: It offers you gentle vibration, thereby giving you a sense of relief.
  • Warranty: This device offers you a JSB National warranty of 1 year.
  • Programs: To switch on the machine, switch on the master power button at the side.
    • Once it starts, you can adjust the intensity level. Further, it offers you 3 vibration massage modes.
    • Besides this, the 3 modes of kneading are available along with reflexology.
  • Price: JSB HF05 leg and foot massager is available approximately for Rs. 16,000.
  • Weight: The weight of this item is 16.8 Kg. Thus, it is light in weight and easier to move and store in your house.
    • Weight is a crucial feature since you may find the need to move it around in your house. Especially, if there are multiple people using it in your family.
    • Apart from this, you may have to store it somewhere when not in use.

Rank 2: HealthSense Foot Massager with Heat

Health Sense Foot Massager LM-310
  • Power-packed Performance: The powerful copper motor facilitates optimal heat generation. And also an efficient operation. Further, it increases the shelf life of the massager as the runtime is 15 minutes. Preventing overheating.
  • Tetra Operational Massage: Heal touch consists of 2 pressure massage pads. Also, 2 rollers and 2 acupuncture points. All this impressively massages each foot to rejuvenate them. Making you feel relaxed after a long day.
  • Wireless Operation: The wireless remote enables you to easily access the control panel from a distance. It prevents damage to the touchscreen LED panel. While allowing you to retain the massage position.
  • Intensity Controls: You can adjust this HealthSense foot massager’s intensity exactly how much you want it. Thanks to the 2 powerful massage motors for Shiatsu and heating function.
    • With a high temperature of up to 50 degrees Celcius, you can keep your feet warm. Additionally, this temperature is adjustable.
    • While using the vibration massage, you can benefit from 2 intensity controls. That’s low and high.
    • Additionally, there are 2 intensity levels for the Shiatsu massage mode as well.
  • 360 Degree Rotation Angle: The swivel stand easily adjusts the massager. That too, it adjusts the massager to any required angle. It is adaptable enough to massage your feet, calves, and arms.

Below lies the types of massages that it offers along with the price.

  • Types of Massages Offered: The massages are foot reflexology, shiatsu massage, and acupressure massage.
    • Foot Reflexology: The rollers are tightly placed to massage the arch of the foot. This promotes the body’s natural healing power and maintains equilibrium.
    • Shiatsu Massage Pads: It consists of 2 silicon rubber pads that deliver a good squeezing massage to the feet from both sides.
    • Acupressure Massage: This massage mode improves circulation. The dual boards sitting on the front and rear side focus on the acupoints on the feet.
  • Warranty: HealthSense India offers you a 1-year service warranty on manufacturing defects. Thus, ensuring quality customer support.
  • Programs: The 3D rolling massage heads provide a deep Shiatsu massage with vibration.
    • Besides this, one of the most important features is the soothing heat function.
    • Moreover, you can use the heating function separately or with the Shiatsu massage function.
  • Weight: The weight of this HealthSense foot massager is 1.8 Kg. Hence, it’s light and easy to move.
  • Price: HealthSense Foot Massager is available for around Rs. 9,000.

Rank 3: Health Sense Foot Massager with Air Pressure

With Health Sense Foot Massager, unwind your feet to give them the rest that they deserve. This compact device mimics the traditional Shiatsu massage. By targetting pressure points in a repetitive motion. It performs this with its deep-kneading nodes and 60-pin finger press nodes.

HealthSense Foot Massager LM 330
  • Air Bag Compression Massage: The rhythmic airbag compression gently massages the feet. To enhance comfort and helps keep the feet in place during the session. It provides soothing, relaxing and long last relief.
  • Design at its Best: The compact design fits all feet sizes. It has a soft and comfortable interior lining.
  • 3-Phases (Programs): This feature offers you complete foot massage in 3 phases/stages. Below lie the phases/programs it offers.
    • In Phase 1, the point massage head stimulates acupoints of the toes, ball, and sole.
    • The Shiatsu rolling massage node gently works on the arch muscles in Phase 2.
    • Lastly, in Phase 3, the point massage head triggers the acupoints of the heel.
  • Touch Button Control Panel: This control panel is located conveniently on the top of the foot insertion area. It is simple to use and offers you easy operation.

Additional Features:

  • Easy Maintenance: The base, the outer lining, as well as the inner mesh layer can be spot cleaned. Easy to maintain hygiene.
  • Intensity Control: This massager enables you to customize the massage to your preference and satisfaction.
    • Further, it effectively mimics the traditional Shiatsu massage technique.
    • With deep-kneading nodes and 60-pin finger press nodes, it targets the pressure points in repetitive motions.
  • Weight: The weight of this item is 4.7 Kg. Since this device is slightly heavier in weight, moving it every now and then after use can be cumbersome.
  • Price: Health Sense foot massager with air pressure is available for around Rs. 10,000.

Rank 4: Agaro Foldable Foot and Calf Massager

This Agaro massager massages your feet, ankles, and calves. It is effective for muscle relaxation, and pain relief, and increases blood circulation. It provides you with the facility to choose. Whether you want to massage your foot, calves or both. Various combinations of kneading, rolling, vibration and heating functions help to perform this. All these powerful combinations penetrate deeply into tired muscles. In this way, it soothes away soreness and fatigue.

AGARO foldable foot and calf massager
  • Stimulation under Sole: The bi-directional rollers stimulate the vital reflexology pressure points at the sole of the feet. This helps in improving blood circulation, muscle relaxation, increases metabolism, and stimulates the vitality of the skin.
  • Programs: Firstly, the massager stimulates blood circulation. Thus, it’s a very beneficial treatment for your legs, calves, and feet.
    • Besides this, it also warms the muscles.
    • Additionally, the kneading and vibratory actions offer the most revitalizing and relaxing massage experience.
  • Foldable Design for your Convenience: The foldable design enables you to adjust the massager either in an unfolded position or folded position. To implement massage therapy for both feet and calves, this massager has to be used in an unfolded manner. This massager can be used in a folded manner to focus only on your foot.
  • Intensity Control: You can adjust the massage strength/intensity as per your comfort level. It has 3 levels of intensity i.e strong, medium, and mild.
    • This massager will start off with the mild option. You can accordingly keep it the same or change it to medium or strong.
    • Similarly, you can set the vibration mode to slow, medium, or high. Stick to the level that suits you the most.
  • Vibration Therapy: The vibration therapy contracts and relaxes the muscles. This thereby helps in loosening up tight muscles. Additionally, it stimulates the soft tissues and nerves, thus relieving muscular tension and decreasing stress.
  • Infrared Heat Therapy: The heat therapy (max. temperature 45 degrees Celcius) provides a warm and comforting sensation. Moreover, it eases muscle stiffness and increases blood flow. This helps to get relief from pain faster.
  • Soothing Kneading Massage: Air-compressed deep-kneading massage pads work on your feet and calves. Further, it relieves you from pain, muscle tension, and other aches. These massages are beneficial after spending long hours on feet, having constant foot issues, or just relieving stress.
  • Weight: Agaro foldable foot and calf massager weighs 10.8 Kg.
    • Thus, it’s not recommended for aged people due to its weight. This is because moving it around in your house becomes difficult.
    • Additionally, if you need to store it away when not in use, then you shouldn’t purchase this massager.
  • Removable and Washable Cover: This massager comes with a cover that’s removable and washable. This makes it easy for you to clean it more often. Further, it will maintain good hygiene by decreasing the chances of infection.
  • Warranty: Benefit from a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.
  • Price: Agaro foldable foot and calf massager is available for around Rs. 12,000.

Useful Features for Foot Massagers

Different Massage Modes

Foot massagers employ different modes and methods to soothe sore feet. These include shiatsu massage, kneading massage, and manual massage. Besides this, they include air compression, water jets and electric massage rollers. Some of the massagers use a combination of these techniques. While most massagers offer a variety of patterns and intensities. To suit your personal preferences. A good foot massager in India should have most of the modes mentioned below. Let us see each of the massage modes in depth.

  • Kneading: Kneading massaging mode offers a deeper effect on the muscles and calves. It focuses on loosening, stretching, and lifting tense muscles and stubborn knots. Also, it helps to soothe muscles and release tension. And improve overall body balance.
  • Vibration: This mode helps in loosening up the muscles more quickly. Its intensity is low which indicates that anyone can use it. Further, it uses gentle strokes such as jostling, shaking, or vibration. Which in turn soothes or stimulates the body depending on the pressure applied.
  • Shiatsu: Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage method. It uses pressure similar to that of a therapist or masseur. This massaging mode uses heat for better relief. It helps in releasing energy, relaxing muscles, and comforting tight muscles. Shiatsu also focuses on restoring natural balance.
  • Rolling: A technique that applies constant pressure to warm and loosen up the muscles. Providing a deeper massage. It is recommended for people who possess a physically laborious job on a daily basis.
  • Hydrotherapy: A mode that uses water pressure to relax the muscles and relieve pain. It releases knots and increases circulation. Some foot massagers use water jets and bubbles. To massage the feet and relieve pain and tension.

Speed Adjustment

Some massagers include 2 or more operating speeds for customizing the sensation. Additionally, it might also include a proper adjustment level or button on the remote. This, in turn, will regulate the number of rotations at which the massaging units spin. Similarly, it will regulate the quickness of the vibration of the surface. Or vibrating knobs in the massager too.

Does it have Heating or Not

Many foot massagers use the heating function to increase effectiveness and relaxation. Always opt for a massager that has adjustable heat settings. This is because it offers you comfort during all seasons and temperatures. As a matter of fact, manual massagers skip the heating function.

So before purchasing a foot massager. Make sure whether the convenience of a portable massager is worth compromising for the power of heat. Usually, foot massagers apply warmth to the base of the foot. On the other hand, some massagers emit heat towards the upper foot. As well as the ankle and bottom of the skin. Heat therapy is very beneficial in painful situations.

Easy Control

Some foot massagers come with a remote control to adjust settings. On the other hand, many massagers have only a control pad. This control pad is mounted to the machine. In other words, you’ll need to lean forward to adjust the speed and intensity. This can be a major interruption to some people in terms of their relaxation routine.

While others would not mind pausing to adjust the settings. It varies from individual to individual. A handheld remote control unit is quite essential to control all the settings. This is because you don’t have to keep bending to change the setting in this case. So a foot massager with a remote control would be a better option.

Why Regular Foot Massage is Good?

So, here we come to the advantages of using a foot massager. Well, a foot massager doesn’t offer just 1 or 2 benefits. It has a lot to offer which in turn improves your health in many ways. I understand that we all go through a hectic schedule which affects our knees and feet. Firstly, it can be an 8 to 9 hours desk job that requires you to sit continuously. On the other hand, you may be working at a place that requires you to stand for long hours. Therefore, a foot massage is necessary. Without further ado, do read these benefits that I have listed.

Blood Circulation

Firstly, our feet have less blood circulation compared to the other parts of our body. One of the reasons for poor blood circulation to your feet is continuously sitting or standing at the workplace. It can also be due to your lifestyle. Additionally, the most common causes of poor blood circulation include obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, and arterial issues. Hence, massaging your feet regularly and exercising daily improves blood circulation.

Muscle Strength

Secondly, a regular foot massage improves the strength of muscles and tendons present in the ankles and feet. This, therefore, reduces muscle soreness and pains. Foot and ankle injuries are extremely common in athletes and physically active individuals. Thus, a foot massage also helps in neuromuscular coordination.

Pressure Points

Acupressure and alternative medicines believe in massaging the pressure points in the foot. Since this can have a positive impact on various organs such as the liver and kidney. Besides this, it can also alleviate headaches and migraines. A foot massager concentrates on the pressure points according to acupuncture.

Improves Mood, Reduces Stress

Further, a regular foot massage improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety and also stabilizes blood pressure. Thus, helping you feel relaxed. Using a foot massager for 10 to 15 minutes a day is more than enough. Further, it will increase circulation within the blood vessels. Thereby keeping your blood pressure in check. A foot massage influences musculoskeletal activity as well as the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems.

Using a foot massager before going to bed can relieve you from all the stress. It will also take away your weakness and tiredness and make you feel cool and relaxed. All this ensures that you get a good sleep.

Helps with Water Retention

A regular foot massage is a must for people, especially women suffering from water retention. For those who are not familiar with water retention, I shall brief you about it here. Water retention occurs when excess fluid builds up inside your body. It’s also known as fluid retention or Edema. It occurs in the circulatory system or within tissues and cavities. Water retention causes swelling in the hands, ankles, legs and mainly in the feet.

Since women in India are continuously on the move due to cooking and household chores. They stand for prolonged hours and this is the major reason why they suffer from water retention. On the other hand, men and women who sit for longer periods of time also experience water retention. This may be due to sitting continuously for 8 to 9 hours a day at the workplace. The best thing to do is get up from your seat every 1 hour for about 2 to 3 minutes at least. Lastly, a good foot massager will help you treat water retention which is common in Indian women.

Foot Massager FAQs

What is a Shiatsu Foot Massager?

A shiatsu foot massager is one that offers you a deep shiatsu massage to relax tired feet. It allows for deep pressure to target your body’s energy channels such as your specific feet’ pressure points. Additionally, it contains massage heads covered with deep kneading nodes to work out the tension in your feet.

A Shiatsu foot massager is best for Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous tissue along the bottom of your foot. This fibrous tissue connects your heel bone to your toes.

How long should a foot massager be used?

You can use a foot massager several times a day. But the foot massager may be used for up to 30 minutes at a time. 20 to 30 minutes is the approximate time it takes to achieve maximum benefit from the foot massager. Most of the good foot massagers come with an auto shut-off feature. It’s essential as it lets the device go off after 15 to 20 minutes. So that you don’t use it for extra time.

How often should a foot massager be used?

You can use the foot massager daily. Until and unless you’re recommended to avoid using it daily by a medical practitioner. Once or twice a day is completely fine. But, if you’re experiencing severe pain then don’t use it more than once a day.

Is Buying a Foot Massager better than going to a Spa?

A foot massager applies pressure to your feet by following the rules of foot reflexology. Secondly, it doesn’t need water, unlike a foot spa. Additionally, it relieves your feet of tension and relaxes your mind in the process. There’s a lot more when it comes to the advantages of a foot massager.

On the other hand, while using a foot spa you have to dip your feet in a small tub of hot water. This indicates that you have to use hot water. Additionally, you need to add Epson salt and essential oils to it. Furthermore, you can enjoy the vibrations which the water jets and bubbles create. All this makes you feel rejuvenated.

But, foot spas don’t provide intensive deep tissue massage, unlike the foot massager. Additionally, they are not as effective as foot massagers in providing pain relief and reducing muscle tension. Also, they don’t benefit those with nerve problems. Therefore the best foot massager is a better option over a foot spa if you live in India.

Can a diabetes patient use Foot Massager?

Yes, a diabetes patient can use a foot massager. People who suffer from diabetes most often suffer from Neuropathy since it is a common side effect of Diabetes. Hence, vibration foot massagers counter the symptoms associated with circulation issues and neuropathy.

Doesn’t matter if it’s peripheral or diabetic. Poor foot circulation can be due to health conditions or lifestyle choices. Moreover, if you sit for long hours due to work or lifestyle choices. Then it can result in poor circulation in the legs and feet.

Can pregnant women use a Foot Massager?

Some healthcare professionals advise pregnant women not to use foot massagers. This is because it can induce labour. But, a foot massager can help pregnant women who have passed their due date. Since it can help them in the contraction of the uterus. Additionally, the best foot massager in India helps stimulate certain pressure points in the feet. However, using a foot massager during the early stages of pregnancy is extremely dangerous.

When should you NOT use a Foot Massager

As a matter of fact, your feet carry your body weight every single day. That’s why you need the best foot massager in India to treat your feet and combat the strains. Additionally, it promotes blood flow to your lower extremities and feet. Hence, it’s extremely beneficial to all those suffering from circulation issues.

But, it can prove hazardous to many. After thorough research, I have listed below who should NOT use a foot massager and when.

Certain Health Conditions

If you’re suffering from certain health conditions, then you should avoid using a foot massager. These health conditions can be high blood pressure and heart-related diseases. It’s always crucial to read the precautions and warnings provided by the manufacturer. This enables you to know if the device is appropriate for you or not. The best thing would be to consult your doctor before you use one.

Swelling, Inflammation, and Rashes

Never use a foot massager directly on swollen areas, inflammation, skin eruptions, and rashes. Since you may worsen the situation. However, if you don’t suffer from any of the above but still experience discomfort while using this appliance then stop using it and consult your doctor immediately.

Injuries, Wounds, and Physical Ailments

Any individual suffering from a physical ailment that’s at a worse stage should abstain from using a foot massager. It can so happen that the person’s capacity to operate the controls are limited. In addition to this, they may have sensory deficiencies in the lower half of their body.


Please don’t use a foot massager if you’re pregnant. Although self-massaging your feet with the help of a foot massager relieves stress and reduces swelling. But, the use of a foot massager can lead to the contraction of the uterus in a pregnant woman. This, in turn, can induce labour. Moreover, it is extremely dangerous if used during the early stages of pregnancy.

On the other hand, a foot massager can benefit a pregnant woman who has passed her due date. Since it stimulates certain pressure points in the feet. So, this can help in the contraction of the uterus thus inducing labour.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

An individual suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy should abstain from using heat and vibration functions. As a matter of fact, the use of the heat function is dangerous since there’s a lack of sensation in the feet. So the probability of unintentionally burning the skin without noticing is a lot.


You should never use a foot massager when you’re having a fever. Your body and skin are sensitive when you’re sick. Hence, a simple touch or the use of a foot massager can stimulate your skin. Besides this, it can increase nausea. Hence, if you’re feeling nauseous then it’s another sign to be sure to avoid a foot massager.

Good Gift for Elderly People & Women

A foot massager is one of the best gifts to give to elderly parents especially if you live in India. Since it helps the blood circulation in their legs. Besides this, it is also a great gift for your wife. Further, a good foot massage with some heat therapy is a great relaxer and who does not need a relaxed wife?

We hope we’ve helped you identify the best foot massager in India that fits your need. Remember, always focus on your use case and choose the best for yourself. If you or anyone you know is suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, then consider checking out the best shoes for flat feet, high-arched feet and medium-arched feet.

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