Best Kneeling Chairs in India

Sitting for a long time at a desk can always be a pain. But the best kneeling chair in India can help ease that pain. Whether this chair is prescribed or not by a doctor to be used by you. This chair, in the long run, can and will do more good for you then bad if you use it. So, why not do something for yourself and your posture by getting this chair.

Best Kneeling Chairs in India – Quick List

Kneeling ChairMaterialAdjustmentCheck Price
GreenSoulMetal, Recycled FoamYesPrice on
QuratoryBirchwood, PaddedNoPrice on
Chennai ChairsCedarwood, PaddedNoPrice on
KOZY CORNERSteel, Recycled FoamYesPrice on

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Types of Kneeling Chairs

If you’ve tried looking up kneeling chairs you must have seen a few different types. But do you really know what are the types and their purpose? Read on to know more.

Without back support

These are the original design of the chairs. Where the frame takes an ‘X’ shape. This chair is helpful as it makes you sit upright at all time. Which helps you to fix your posture without causing you any pain in the back. In this way, you end up strengthening your core body muscles. Furthermore, besides the body benefits of this chair, you even have benefits like that of wheels and adjustability to fit any setting.

Back support

Considering the fact that not everyone can sit in a backless support chair be it due to some medical issue or just as comfort levels. This is another type of kneeling chair with back support. Every feature of this chair is the same as the chair without support. The only addition is that there is a slight help in keeping your posture right. As we understand that sitting upright all the time can sometimes cause pain in the back as well as can be uncomfortable. Hence you can use back support for small breaks.

Although it is still advisable that if you have no medical condition which forces you to use a chair with back support. Opt for the one without support. As these chairs are more helpful than the ones with support.

With those two being the type of kneeling chair available in India. Take your pick. Choose wisely keeping all factors in mind. Therefore, here are few of the top picks of the best kneeling chair in India.

Rank 1: GreenSoul Kneeling Chair

Model: LY-501

  • Material: The material of this chair is metal for the framing to hold heavyweights and not collapse. Whereas the upholstery is with high quality 100% recycled foam. So, you will not feel any discomfort.
  • Dimensions: For the seat, the depth of the padding is around 12 inches and 9inches for the kneeling seat. Furthermore, the width of the seat and the kneeling seat is around 17 and 18 inches respectively.
  • Portability: With wheels attached to the chair this makes movement easier. And since there are four wheels with this chair portability is assured easy and smooth.
  • Chair Design: The design of this chair is made keeping in mind comfort and durability. Where when you sit on this chair your body is placed in an open angle upright position. By lowering the angle of your lower body and placing your body weight on your buttocks, not your lower back. This is because of the 90-degree angle of the seat.
  • Warranty: Avail a warranty of around 3 years provided by the manufacturer on the comfortable kneeling chair.
  • Adjustability: You Can adjust the height of the chair as per your needs up to the maximum height of 28 inches and a minimum of 21 inches.

Rank 2: Quratory Kneeling Chair

Model: QUR-001-01

  • Material: The outer framework is made from wood so that it’s just like any other furniture item. Which can last long. Birchwood, just in case you were wondering. Paired with a padded seat.
  • Design: The design of this chair is such that it takes the weight off your lower back and buttocks and spreads them around.
  • Benefits: Besides the fact that they maintain and encourages you to maintain your posture. This chair is also good if you suffer from any back pains.
  • Built: This chair is built with the design to the material enough to hold-up weight up to 90kgs. Moreover, the curve allows you a slight rocking function as well.
  • Dimensions: This chair has the dimensions of  LxWxH which is as 79.5 x 48 x 52 Centimeters.
  • Price: Get this chair for around Rupees 12500.

Rank 3: Chennai Chairs

Model: cc-1003

  • Material: In the making of this chair the use of cedarwood has been utilised. Which makes the frame so strong. And the cushion is made with good comfortable material.
  • Built: The built of this chair is such that it can hold the weight of up to 114kgs. So, doesn’t matter what is your weight this chair can take it.
  • Design: For this product, the classic European design has been kept in mind. With a light rocking feature so as for you to move around a little while working.
  • Benefits: While you sit on this chair you are actually reducing back and neck strains. Moreover, the rocking motion improves muscle tone and eases arthritis.
  • Dimensions: The overall size of this kneeling chair is that of 74 x 39 x 50 Centimeters. Whereas the seat width is 39 cms and the depth around 29 cm.
  • Price: Get this Chennai Chairs branded kneeling chair at approximately Rupees 15000.

Rank 4: KOZY CORNER Knee Chair

Model: KCP0010

  • Material: Only the best quality of steel and 100% recycled foam along with frame is used in the making of this kneeling chair.
  • Built: The material used to build this chair is strong. Which is why it can bear any weight up to 120 Kgs.
  • Dimensions: The overall item dimension is 48 x 55 x 68 Centimeters which is L x W x H respectively.
  • Adjustability: This chair has the function to adjust it according to your needs with the help of the stopper hooks. So it doesn’t matter if you keep changing your desk working area you can adjust the chair to fit that level.
  • Benefits: With the help of this chair you can maintain the natural ‘S’ shape of the spinal cord. Thus resulting in a better overall posture.
    • Furthermore, while you sit on this chair the pressure is taken off the lumbar region.
    • Besides that, sitting in a kneeling chair makes sure your diaphragm can move efficiently. Therefore, promoting better breathing and also blood circulation in the body.
  • Design: To evenly distribute your weight while you sit on the chair is the reason why you have a 90-degree angular seat. And the thickness of the seats contributes towards it as well.
  • Price: This ergonomic chair will cost you almost Rupees 6200.

Features to look for in a Kneeling Chair

There are times when you’re just not sure which would be the best features to own in any item. And when it comes to the best kneeling chair in India its the same case you might be confused or not sure. Therefore this section is dedicated to the same. Check it out to rid yourself from any doubts.

Built Quality

Quality of the item plays an important role in the overall lifespan of anything. Hence, it is only advisable to choose the best quality material for the best kneeling chair in India. This might mean you would have to spend a little extra, but it would definitely be worth it. Besides if you get a good premium quality product you will even be able to enjoy other good features like that of the built frame, the possibility of adjustments and good material of the seat paddings and fabric.


Adjusting the height and even the angle is a good point to consider while selecting a chair. As this allows more flexibility as well as comfort. Make sure this function is applicable even for the knee resting seat for added comfort. With this feature not only will you be able to work with ease but you also will be able to adjust to any setting in case of a change in the working area.

Quality & Thickness of Fabric and Cushion

Another important factor to be considered while purchasing your chair is this. As some manufactures try to cut in on the cost by using cheap and inferior quality material. As a result of which the lifespan of the chair decreases. Moreover, with constant use, you would feel uncomfortable in the chair leading to more aches and pains. Therefore, look for padded cushion seats. Furthermore, make sure the fabric used it easy to wash and breathable so you do not feel yucky and sticky during the day.


Take the extra work, of lifting the chair around, away from your work schedule. Moreover, some chairs are too heavy to lift and roam around with. Hence the feature of wheels are a good plus point. Depending on the design and brand of the chair you have the option of wheels added to the chair.

Sitting Mobility

Sitting in a single position is not just ideal but also very uncomfortable. Which is why to look for chairs which let you have movement and adjust yourself in a comfortable position. Again this feature isn’t available for all the kneeling chairs. Therefore look for a suitable chair where you will not be bored nor uncomfortable to sit on for a long time.

Benefits of a Kneeling Chair

If you haven’t still decided on the best kneeling chair in India for you. Then here are a few suggestions as to why it is beneficial for you to get your own kneeling chair. Mainly because of the many health benefits it has to offer.

Reduce Pressure

A normal chair puts you in a 90-degree angle at your waist thus putting pressure on your spine and lower back. But when you switch to a kneeling chair you put yourself in a 110-degree angle. Thus in this case taking the pressure off your spine.

Boost your Energy

Sitting in an upright position in the kneeling chair helps the circulation of blood. And some basic human anatomy. The blood is the carrier of oxygen as well as nutrients to your brain and the whole body. Which furthermore, promotes productivity because you feel comfortable and energized. Besides, it is a known fact that improving blood circulation helps improve your overall health.

Supports your Pelvis

Besides the fact that you sit in an upright position to get your posture correct. It also helps you sit on a kneeling chair where your spine alignment is corrected since the pelvis remains in an open position. This helps improves breathing as well as digestion. Furthermore, when you sit in an open position your organs has more room to breath. And are not compressed as they would be in a normal chair.

Pressure Control

The pressure distributed on each part of your body can be controlled with this chair. Since the best type would allow you to change the height, angle of slope of the seat as well as of the kneeling pads as well. Which gives you the much-needed flexibility and lessen the pressure on your shins

Helps with Body Aches

Sitting with a bad posture increases body aches. Getting a kneeling chair will easy with that. But it is understandable that it’s not possible to sit all through your 8-hours working schedule in the same posture. Therefore it is still advisable to switch between a traditional chair and the kneeling chair. Doing so will make you active as well as get you sitting properly in the long run.

Building-up Core Muscles

When you sit upright especially with this chair without any backrest. You train and build-up your core and back muscle strength. Which then helps to keep you in the right position at all times.

Weight Distribution

Normal chairs apply pressure to your lower back and spine. If you get yourself a kneeling chair you move the pressure to almost every part of your body. Moreover, on your back, neck and shoulders. This is possible because of the angle at which your hips are slid forward. Which reduces the weight and stress from being concentrated in one place.

Cons of a Kneeling Chair

Reduces Circulation of Blood to your Legs

While using a kneeling chair the incline most suitable would be 20-30 degrees angle. At this angle, you stop yourself from slouching. Yet this height can be shifted according to what suits you the most. Keeping your lower back in the right position. Doing this can sometimes make you have limited blood circulated to your legs.

Leg Movements

While sitting on the best kneeling chair in India it is quite possible to come across an instance where you feel restricted without leg movements and thus make you feel uncomfortable. If you continue to sit in that exact position for a long time this could lead to body pains. But you can stop this by using and switching between a regular chair and a kneeling chair.

Tough to Sit And Stand

If you are young you might not have this problem. But the kneeling pads since they aren’t moveable can cause a hindrance while you sit or get out from the chair. Furthermore, to add to this problem of no hand support which could make it easier to do the same.

Shin Pressure

Again if you had a backrest for your chair you tend to relax on the backrest taking off the pressure from your shin. In the absence of this, you tend to constantly keep the pressure on your shins with the forward slant. But considering this if you get the one with a backrest you lose the whole purpose and use of a kneeling chair in the correction on your posture. Therefor to help with this problem a bit the chair rocker has come into being are doing well.

With that, you have everything laid out in front of you. For you to take your pick on what suits you the most. Consider and weight each and every cons and pros before getting the best kneeling chair in India.

Kneeling Chair FAQ’s for India

What is the Open Hip Position?

In an open hip position, is when you sit in a forward tilted position. Almost at a 110-degree slant. When in this position your hips and spine tends to maintain the natural curve of the back. Furthermore, this position removes and lessens the pressure from the disc and back. Taking away any back pain as well.

How long can you sit on a Kneeling Chair?

Do not be in the understanding that you will be able to sit on this kneeling chair all through the day. So, for you to get used to the chair you will have to sit for 20 minutes at a stretch and switch over to a normal chair. While you switch you do not stress your body. When you grow accustomed you still will prefer to alternate between the two chairs. Since no one can really sit in a single position for an extended period of time.

Can a kneeling chair cause back pain?

While you use this chair for the first couple of times you will feel uncomfortable with additional backaches. This is because you are used to the backrest. And the absence of a backrest in a kneeling chair forces you to sit upright. This upright position is held by your core muscles which were previously not in use hence were weak. Causing back and muscle pain. As you get accustomed to it you will have stronger core muscles and no pain.

What should be the angle of the Kneeling Chair?

The best kneeling chair should be at the angle of 20-degrees inclined towards the front. Since this is a good point to have your spine to maintain the natural curve without you having to put in too much effort.

Alternative Sitting Experience

Finally, you have reached the end and you are an expert in the field of selecting the best kneeling chair in India. Therefore go and select the best one for you with the knowledge you’ve gained without any hesitation. Kneeling chairs are gaining popularity in office environments as well recently. Mainly being that people have now grown more aware that sitting for long hours isn’t healthy. Thus this alternative to sitting in a traditional chair.

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