Best Foot Spa Massager in India [2020]

Achy feet and tiresome days demand some self-pampering. And what better way to pamper yourself (and your feet) than with the best foot spa massager in India. We’ve done the required research for you. Only to place before you a range of the best foot spa massagers. Brands like Lifelong, Dr Physio (USA) and others have made the cut to this list. So, this is your guide to getting the best product for you.

Best Foot Spa Massager – Quick List

Foot Spa MassagerDimensionsRollersCheck Price
Lifelong39 x 30 x 45 cmsManualPrice on
Hojo47 x 39 x 23.2 cmsAutomaticPrice on
Dr Physio (USA)420 x 360 x 270 mmManualPrice on
The Virgo36 x 42.5 x 14 cmsAutomaticPrice on

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Choosing the Right Foot Spa Massager

Buying the best foot spa massager in India for your tired feet can help you feel much better after a long day at work. Therefore, for this reason, it is always best to have and check for the best features in the foot spa you plan of investing in. Here are a few suggestions.

Feet size

The right foot spa will always have a universal size. Some cheap and off-brand massagers can offer smaller or ill-fitting foot spa massagers. Which can be more annoying than relaxing. As to have the best experience you need to have the breathing and wiggling space for your feet. And this feature must be your priority rather than the outlook of the box.

Heating Function

In a foot spa, warm water is the key to making you feel relaxed and your feet softer than ever. Which is why it should be able to hold and maintain the temperature of the water. Therefore most foot massagers come with the inbuilt heating technology. Also, a point for you to keep an eye on it that since you are putting water in a bucket sort of instrument, which in turn is connected to the electricity for the heating function. Make sure that it has proper insulation and is safe to use. Failing which you can harm yourself.


The whole purpose of getting the best foot spa machine in India is to relax and rejuvenate yourself. And so the added feature of auto rollers can help you relax much more as compared to the manual rollers. Therefore get yourself the auto-rollers and spend some time resting without having to do anything.

Aroma Oil Compartment

This is not necessary but is surely a plus point for your foot spa. This is a feature not all the devices have. If you have this compartment you can pour a few drops of the essential oil and have an aromatherapy. The fragrance can help you calm and indulge yourself in the whole spa experience.

Orthopaedic Features

The whole purpose of this device is the massage function of this device. This device comes with the multi-utility orthopaedic balls and bearings for you to relax. And therefore having features like the following can benefit you.

  • Magneto Therapy: Where the use of weak magnetic waves with the help of an electromagnet gives you plenty of health benefits.
  • Oxygenation: Releasing oxygen into the water helps to clean and also helps the in oxygenation of the tissues and healing the tissues.
  • Infrared Physiotherapy: Which helps in the musculoskeletal pain of your feet.

Now that you know the features, you can go and make the best choice for yourself. Check out some of the best foot spa massagers in India.

Rank 1: Lifelong Foot Spa Massager

Model: LLM216

  • Modes: With the various modes available you can have the salon spa experience at home. Bubble massage, infrared water heat and the timer function to help with the home spa experience.
  • Heating Technology: Pamper yourself with the light option which you can adjust from a range of 35-48℃. Soften and care for your feet with the best foot spa massager in India.
  • Design: This device has a stylish design and outlook for your use. Furthermore, for the perfect experience, you have eight strong manual rollers for you to pamper yourself. Moreover, the design and technology are improved so that you can have a shockproof experience.
  • Health Benefits: The rollers in the foot spa machine helps you get your blood circulation on track. Besides that, you can relieve yourself from stress and fatigue with the different modes available.
  • Digital Screen: You have a digital screen display added to the device. So, you can easily adjust the setting and the mode according to your choice.
  • Portability: Since it is lightweight you can travel around with this foot spa machine. And for added convenience, you have the no-slip handle. So, you have no worries of dropping it down.
  • Easy Operation: The usage is easy once you are done with the spa. You don’t have to carry it around to drain the water as there is a drainage pipe which does the task for you.
  • Price: Get this foot massage spa for your home at approximately Rupees 1850.

Rank 2: Hojo Foot Spa Massager

  • Modes: With the various modes available you can get a professional foot massage at the comfort of your home. Infrared foot massage accompanied by bubbles, intense vibration and heating can make you feel completely relaxed.
  • Health Benefits: Relaxation being one of the health benefits. Others being that it promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue and smoothens the meridians.
  • Heating: Heated water can bring your overworked feet some relief. And this foot spa machine allows you to heat the water up to 30°C. Furthermore add a few drops of any essential oil and your professional spa is ready.
  • Controls: Your foot massage spa has one touchpad control to let you adjust all the settings with just the touch of a button.
  • Built Quality: Although the machine is made up of plastic it is of high quality. So, it is high-temperature resistance and won’t look worn out from frequent use for a long time.
  • Suitable For: This is best for anyone but it also works wonders for you and your feet if you are an athlete or if you are constantly on your feet.
  • Usage: Furthermore this device is equipped with motorized rollers. To add to that you have the centre which spins with the touch of the foot.
  • Price: This device is available for around Rupees 1650.

Rank 3: Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa Massager

  • Health Benefits: The massaging and rubbing features of this machine promotes blood circulation, reliefs pain and rids physical and mental fatigue.
  • Modes: Available with modes such as that of the infrared massager, bubble massage & heat for the perfect experience.
  • Portability: Despite being of good material it is portable with a handle so you can easily carry around. And since it is not huge in size it is easy to handle and store as well.
  • Display: With the digital display you can check and monitor the selected modes and performance of the device.
  • Size: Providing you with the professional spa treatment at the comfort of your home. The size is manageable as the dimensions are 420 mm x 360 mm x 270 mm. Sure to fit any shoe size without any hassle.
  • Waterproof Rating: This foot spa massager has a waterproof rating of  IPX4. This guarantees you protection against water sprays.
  • Design: The design is such that you are assured to have a good spa/ massage with the manual rollers. Covering all areas of the foot.
    • The massager work with the help of acupuncture points. Targetting these points to relieve pain.
    • Furthermore, to add impact to the sole acupoints are the bubbles which help in relaxing you further.
  • Price: Get this Dr Physio foot spa massager at around Rupees 2500.

Rank 4: The Virgo Foot Spa Massager

  • Modes: The available modes of the prefect massage for this device are shake massage, heat automatically, magneto therapy, gas wave oxygenation and infrared physiotherapy.
  • Attachment: Besides the modes, you have an addition of three other pedicure attachments assesories. For you to have a complete spa and massage experience.
  • Size: One size fits every foot with this foot spa massager. As the dimensions of this device are 36 x 42.5 x 14cms.
  • Controls: Pampering yourself has never been easier as you can keep an eye on the functioning of the foot spa massager and also adjust the setting with the touchpad controlling the device.
  • Health Benefits: With this massager not only can you improve your blood circulation but also promote metabolism, and ease fatigue. Furthermore, you can exercise your muscles with this.
  • Capacity: It is advisable for you to not surpass the marked limit of water that is 4.5 litres.
  • Heating: The in-built heating technology can bear the heat of the warm water up to 50℃.
  • Price: For all these amazing features you will have to pay around Rupees 1770.

So, here you have it a few of the best foot spa massager in India. From which you can choose the best one for yourself. Before you go and finalize your choice make sure to read on to know now about the foot spa massager so you won’t be wrong with your decision.

How Can a Foot Spa Massager Benefit You

It’s obvious that massages can do you more good than any bad. Therefore your wish to get the best foot spa massager in India. So that you can feel fresh and rejuvenated after a long day. But do you know what are the exact benefits of a foot spa massager? If you do you can quickly skim through this. But you do not here are a few points of the health benefits.

Lower Stress Levels

Our feet are much more sensitive then they appear to be. They bare a lot of weight and stress all through the day. The least you can do is treat them with a massage and spa treatment. Too much of walking or standing can cause problems when you get older. To prevent this all you have to do is spend almost 10- 20 minutes with your feet submerged under warm water. As this relieves the stress and tension on your feet. Leaving you feeling completely relax and ready for any task thrown your way.

Improved Blood Circulation

By using the spa option of the foot spa massager you can promote better blood circulation in your body. How? The rollers in the foot spa and massager help in the massage of your feet. Which in turn promotes your local blood circulation and furthermore the overall blood circulation. With better blood circulation comes better energy levels. Therefore the in-built rollers and massage heads are a big yes for the basin of the foot spa massager.

Reduce Headache

You might have come across many articles and other awareness mediums that the sole of your feet are connected with many nerve points. And if you massage the right areas you can tackle and keep away the worst of headaches and migraines. The more frequently you use the foot spa massager the lesser frequently you will have headaches and even lessen the intensity of the headaches.

Improve Insomnia

Having insomnia can be very frustrating. But with the best foot spa massager in India, you can treat your insomnia and help you sleep better. Not only does it relaxes you with the massage but also the bubbles breaking can calm your mind down as well. Thus promoting sleep.

Reduce Arthritic Pain

As the massage function is good for relaxing your muscles and joints. They are even better if you have any arthritic pain. For your joints, this can be the best pain relief. And if you use the foot spa massage daily twice a day it can work wonders. Moreover, try adding seaweed to the water and you are sure to get better results.


Another reason for you to use the foot spa machine regularly is that this helps you get rid of toxins from your body. As via foot massager you loose toxins from your kidneys and liver. This, in turn, helps you maintain the pH levels in your body and promotes better immunity. And in the long run, you can have lesser wrinkles and also acne.

These just happen to be a few of the health benefits of using the best foot spa massager in India. Now that you see the good points of using the device lets move onto the actual usage of the device.

How to use a Foot Spa Massager

The usage of a foot spa massager is tough. They all have a simple understanding and operating controls. Moreover, they all come with instruction manuals for in case you might not know how to use it. Therefore to help you out a bit and for you to get a rough idea here are a few pointers for you to remember.


Be aware that your foot massager has safety against overheating or even that it is shockproof. Some models have a time limit till when you can use it before it overheats. Others just have a double safety against overheating. Even though, here are a few points to keep your device from overheating:

  • Do not keep your device on a surface which is not levelled.
  • Make sure that you first fill in the water and then plug in the device.
  • Make sure you don’t cross the advised water filling limit.
  • Also, make sure you don’t plug or unplug the device when your feet are in the basin.
  • And importantly make sure that you are handling the device with dry hands.
  • Lastly, in case of any attachments used, make sure that they are locked or secured properly into place.

General Instructions

Moreover, there are a few more generalized instructions for you to know and keep in mind while using the best foot spa massager in India.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself

Make sure you keep everything you might need within the reach of your massage area. Like your lotion, a file, a scrub or a pumice stone, a brush, and a hand towel. Where you can access them without having to get up.

Step 2: Clean-up

Make sure your feet are clean before using the foot massage. Basically just wash your feet before you use the foot spa massager.

Step 3: Soak

The best part is for you to enjoy the spa. Soak your feet in the warm water for about 15- 20 mins. So, if you have the heating option you are fine but if not you will have to keep warm water at hand.

Step 4: Massage

After soaking use the rollers and other equipment or assesories to massage your feet and the soles of your feet well.

Step 5: Scrub

Scrub clean your feet from the dead skin cells and other impurities with the help of a file, pumice stone or scrub. After that brush them clean as well.

Step 6: Wash

No, I didn’t make a mistake you have to wash your feet again till the water is clear. This can be a little time consuming but the end results are totally worth it.

Step 7: Finish-up

With the final wash, dry your feet with the towel and make sure to apply some lotion to your feet. To leave them moisturised. Moreover, you can even massage yourself after the lotion.

Foot Spa FAQs

How do foot spas improve blood circulation?

The orthopaedic parts of the foot massagers give you the much-needed help to promote healthy blood circulation in the body. Moreover, the foot spa massager keeps your muscles and tissues healthy with the improved circulation. But if you are looking for an official scientific statement stating this there isn’t one yet.

What to add in foot spa water?

You can add a lot of things into the foot spa water. Some of which includes Epsom Salt, sea salt and even baking soda. Or if you like you can add medical herbs, some people even advice essential oils and flowers. Actually, you can add mostly anything and everything which can help you calm and relax down.

How long should a foot spa be used?

It would be advisable until you feel relaxed, that is 30 minutes at the most. Anything over that could be bad for you. As the water will turn your feet soggy and even reduce your skin consistency. But that’s for us living beings. For the safety of the device, make sure you read the manual to check how long you can use this device before it overheats up. Do this to make sure that your device is safe and to have a long lifespan.

Can Foot spa be used by pregnant women?

Yes, you can use the foot spa massager during pregnancy as well. But it would be advised against if you are doing it at home without any assistance. Preferably when pregnant use foot spas only with professional guidance especially one who is trained with specific pregnancy training. This is because foot spa massagers can feel a bit too touchy during this time. And some points when stimulated can cause uterine contractions and cervical ripening. So, don’t do it on your own.

Can foot spa be used by diabetics?

No, it is recommended against for people with diabetes to use a foot spa massager. This is because with the foot spa massager you can have poor circulation and nerve damage which is caused by high blood sugar levels over time. With diabetes, you need to take extra care not to hurt yourself especially by sogging your feet up in a foot spa. But you can get these done professionally under controlled conditions.

With that, we hope we’ve answered any question regarding the usage of a foot spa massager in India. So, let’s move on to the next section, read on.

Oils & Epsom Salts for your Foot Spa

Essential oil pack

Your foot spa massager if it lets you add essential oils in them then you have a good product. Why, you ask? Generally, it is known that essential oils have properties which help in aromatherapy. And furthermore, help to uplift your mood with the fragrances. In cases, these oils have seen to be working as good as any of the aromatherapies. Moreover, they help women to ease menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps. Besides that, they can have a calming, uplifting, decongesting as well as energizing effect to any person. So, why not use it in your foot spa massager machine.

WishCare Essential Oil

  • Set: The Essential oil comes in a set of 9 various fragrances. Each one different from the other. The fragrances include lemon grass oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, orange oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and ylang-ylang oil. 
  • Multi-usage: These oils are the ones which are most used and demanded by aromatherapists and beauty-care personals. Therefore you can use these essential oils anywhere be it massages, aromatherapy or even as fresheners to start your day in a rejuvenating fashion.
  • Aroma Properties: Each and every fragrance in the set has a distinct and pleasing aroma. So, be it your home, office, car, massage parlours, etc they are suitable for every place.
  • Product Quality: Wishcare Essential Oils guarantees every product of theirs abides the hygiene norms. And are 100 per cent pure and not diluted. Furthermore, they only use the best and top quality natural ingredients in the making of their oils.
  • Quantity: Although this set comprises of 9 bottles. Each of these bottles is 15ml.
  • Price: This set of essential oils will cost you around Rupees 1100.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is made up of components of magnesium and sulfates. Which has good effects on you and you’re well being. The magnesium has proven to help many factors like stress and concentration which improves sleep. It promotes your muscles and nerves to function properly and prevent your arteries from hardening and forming blood clots. Furthermore, it helps you with any aches and pains as well. Whereas the sulfates help flush out toxins and prevent migraine headaches. And lastly, it forms joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.

Nature’s Tattva Epsom Salt

  • Quality: This product makes sure to use only naturally occurring pure mineral compound. And since it is stored and sold in a jar which assures you hygiene. Furthermore, this product is certified I. P. Grade. Which means you have the purest form of Epsom Salt.
  • Quantity: You get this Epsom Salt in a jar of 900 grams.
  • Multi-usage: This salts can be used not just on your feet but also on your hands, face and everything in between.
  • Health Benefits: Epsom Salt has plenty of good health benefits for you to benefit from. And these benefits are not limited to maintaining your youthfulness and healthy skin after removing the dead skin cells. Besides this, it helps to rid you from aches, pains and stress.
  • Usage: The usage is easy all you have to do is dissolve it in some warm water for your spa or bath. Or if that’s not how you want to use it then you can crush and mix it into your face wash or face scrub.
  • Price: Get this useful ingredient for approximately Rupees 250.

With this knowledge, you can have an even better experience with the best foot spa massager in India. Moreover, this heightens your experience and gets you much closer to a professional spa therapy. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own spa and massage therapy for your feet at home.

Maintaining your Foot Spa Machine

Up till now, you have come to realize how easy is the usage and health benefits are of the best foot spa massager in India. So now you have to also know how to maintain the foot spa machine. For a longer life span of the machine. Generally, the device is low maintenance and is good enough with just a proper clean after every use. Even so here are a few pointers to keep the machine in good condition and to get your money’s worth.

  • Be cautious when you are filling or emptying your foot spa machine. Make sure you do not spill any water on the power unit or button.
  • Do not clean your spa machine right after you use it. Let it cool down.
  • Use a soft clean cloth with a mild cleaner while cleaning the machine. And after you clean it make sure to wipe the machine down with a dry cloth.
  • Make sure you do not submerge the whole foot spa massager into water.
  • It is recommended to not use the foot spa washer beyond the mentioned timings by the manufacturer. Or else you could end up overheating the device.

Reward You Feet

End each day with a bang. So you wake up feeling refreshed the next day. For this, your stress reducer would be your very own the best foot spa massager in India. Reward yourself and your feet for all the hard work you do during the day. In turn, you will not only have a day of a job well done but also improved health. If you like you can even check out the best foot massager in India.

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